Children's Art Display

I love pinterest.  I found this one on pinterest from Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss.  As you can see I went from old frames for the Good will to an art display area.  By paining the frames white and hanging them on the wall without a backing I can now place my little girls work on the wall with clips.  I can't wait to hang more of her new work on our art wall. 

(This picture from from my friend Ava.  Age 5).  

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  1. What a cute idea! I be it would look great with a larger frame and a few pictures strung across. I'd probably use vintage looking clothes pins, too.

    Hey guess what, you were nominated for a Liebster Award:

  2. Thanks! I did not have a glue gun so the cloths pins would not stay, and super glue would not work.

    Thank you for the nomination! We feel lucky to get it.


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