Instructional Design Tips

As you see in the pages above, I have added Instructional Design.  Here I have posted (and will post in the future) some documents on how to create trainings.  This can be for your classroom, children, or even residence life stuff!  I hope you find them helpful, because I have!

Ha, Ha. Pregnant!

(Look at the advertisement for this video I watched)

This is the commentary that I have in my head:

Where is my belly button?

I do a lot less climbing on counters and store shelves since I am pregnant... (I am only 5'1')

Finding pregnancy pants is hard!

Do I really need to go to the bathroom again?

Each day I sit farther away from my desk.

My belly does not make a great ice cream table for eating in bed anymore...

22 Weeks

Cravings:  Back to craving chocolate. Dark chocolate. 

Energy:    Feeling great!  This second trimester is better than the first! I am gaining a little weight though...

Weight Gain: I think I am up 4 pounds.  Will check with the Doc next week.

Baby Movement
: Lots of movement.  A baby inside you is definitely a weird feeling.  George can feel it now which is fun.  I like to talk to her when she kicks.

Surprises?:  I did not think I would feel this good at this point.  Life is good :). 

To Do: Keep planning for the baby! :) Sounds like fun to me!

Counter Top Redo

After living with green countertops for almost a year, we decided we needed to do something. To install new laminate the estimate was $1,200 and for granite $2,000.  So this $250 was in our price range!  My skill set does not involve removing countertops, but I can paint! Not that it is my favorite thing to do.  This was a 2 day process, but we are happy with the outcome.  Maybe a back-spash will be next? :)  They have a similar kit for cabinets

Charlie while we Clean the House


Charlie just loves watching us clean.  He is always by our side if he is not sleeping in a corner.  Does your cavalier do the same thing? 

Baby Room Mood Board

Well, I am so excited to get started on the nursery, that I made a little mood board.  I am sure I will make some changes, but this is what we are going with so far. Here is a similar tree.  Update:  Here is the Finished Nursery

Here are other baby room ideas on pinterest. 

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