14 weeks Pregnant

Starting to get a little rounder at the top.  This week has been exciting because the morning sickness has  been gone. 

Extreme Makeover for Brian and his Family

One of our friends is getting an extreme makeover this week!  We are very excited for him and his family.  I can't wait to see what they can do for him!  What a deserving family!


12 Weeks Pregnant

Well, I really don't notice to big of a change in my belly yet.  I have not gained any weight due to  the nausea.  I hope to keep you updated every couple weeks with the changes.  Hopefully the nausea will end in the next week or two!  Second trimester here I come! :) 

Thankful Thursdays- Friends Help

Today I am thankful for how helpful and understanding my friends have been so far in the baby process.  Since I am away from home for 11 hours a day for work, I have not been doing much lately.  I did get to go to Knoebles last weekend, which is a theme park. 

A friend forwarded me a link to create a Nursery Plan from Pottery Barn Kids.  I tried it out and this is what I came up with.  Along the wall where the window is will be shelving and a bench under the window.  This room plan was a good idea because I never would have thought to put a round rug in the middle of the room, but I really like it. 

So I still have a while before this happens, but it is nice to dream while I am not feeling great :). 

I can see the light!

Today I am 10 weeks, and 5 days pregnant.  We get to go the doctor at this friday and I am hoping for an ultrasound.  I love looking!  The good news is I am not sick all day and night.  Just little bits throughout the day, which I can definitely handle.  I am still tired, but I feel great compared to how I have been the last month.  Hopefully this pregnancy thing will be fun for a little while :). I am still having trouble eating.  Thanks for everyone's help!  I have been eating small meals and lots of water.  For some reason lemon drops and lemon aid work well too. But it is still a process.  I am learning how to be nauseous while having a life :). 

Charlie has been so great since I have been pregnant.  He always lays right below me on the ground (he is not allowed in bed).   His wagging tail always makes me smile.  He is great to hold when I am feeling hormonal.  I am so glad I have him though this process, and it is not over yet.  But I am happy to have a small breather! 

Switch to Summer Flowers

This is where the beautiful tulips were.  Now there is other pretty flowers planted. 


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