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I went to an entrepreneurship training this week which inspired me to write down my story again. Hi, I’m Lisa. I went to school to initially to teach online classes so I could be home with my children while perusing a career I enjoyed. I earned my doctorate in Education a year after my first child was born. I was an multimedia creator, instructional designer, and software training before having children.

While I was pregnant I had so many questions. I wrote a blog post to help others through pregnancy called “50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby”. That post went viral! I then took the post and made a book out of it which became the first book in the “50 Things to Know” series. After I published about 50 books, I started hiring other writers to write books and creating more series of books. I have a love of travel, so I created the “Greater Than a Tourist”, and “Eat Like a Local” series.

After the pandemic my children went back to school full-time but I decided to still work on my company CZYK Publishing which now has over 2,000 books, and 1,000 audiobooks. I continue to work on these series daily and learn how I can share more tips in an easy to learn format. I love working with people all around the world to do this from my computer at home.

I would like to tell others that want to become entrepreneurs that this was not my first idea for a business. I tried YouTube for a while, created content for teachers, published 50 online classes, and was an influencer to only name a few. While I had fun doing these things, for different reasons they did not work out. But it did not keep me from trying new things until something stuck. This has been a 10-year process.

Another thing that was helpful for starting my business is I used mostly free software on the internet to grow my businesses and lots of feedback. While this was time consuming on my part, I learned so much without going into debt. This allowed me to keep trying new things until I started creating an income. I hope people can learn from my journey as it was not straight but fulfilling. I appreciate all the education that I had that helped with each step along the way.

I believe life blows you like a sailboat. You get to readjust after every strong wind.

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