Quirky Idea Fail

This is the email I got back from Quirky.  I am VERY impressed that I even got a real comment back for my baby bottle with lines to be read while feeding a baby idea . While I would still think that people would buy this product, I understand their feedback.  No money wasted on either end!! :)


The Quirky staff has discussed your idea. Unfortunately, this isn’t an idea the Quirky Staff wanted to pursue at this time. 

After review and speaking to parents, we did not find that the defining feature of your bottle, the measurement lines, were compelling enough for us to create a product around at this time. Parents usually know the amount of formula initially in the bottle and are able to tell just by looking t the bottle as the baby is drinking around how much the baby has drank. There is no need for exact measurements so we feel that in a very saturated market like baby products, it would be hard to stand out from competitors with that single feature. 

Thank you again for your submission If you would like to submit an edited version of this idea that addresses the issues we have mentioned and maybe even some of the points the community has mentioned in the comment section., we encourage you to do so!

If you have any questions, or would like to clarify anything before you resubmit your idea please feel free to email me (katherine@quirkyinc.com)!


Fabulous House Friday - Sherwin Williams Utterly Beige

If anyone is interested the color of the interior of our house is Sherwin Williams Utterly Beige. My sister did her room in the color, and I like it so much I did our entire house with it. I think it is a nice color without too much brown or yellow. It hides a dirt too! If I did the entire house over again at this point, I would probably go with gray though.  Here are some similar Stacked Ball Table Lamps.  

Thankful Thursday- Her First Cold

At almost 7 months, our little girl got her first cold. But as you can see, she is pretty happy about.  We are very lucky and happy to be her parents.

Take Me Out Tuesday- Camping Mountain Pies

I am planning a family camping trip this week.  I am planning on making mountain pies for dinner.  Basically you put bread, pizza sauce or pasta sauce, cheese, any toppings in this maker, put it in the fire for a couple minutes, and you get dinner!  

What other mountain pies have you made?  I saw a recipe where you can add apples and apple sauce.  

University of Phoenix Year 3 Residency

I am finished with my year Three residency at University of Phoenix.  The 8 days consisted of a 5 day class and a  day class.  The 5 day call was very relaxed.  Then we got into our dissertation 3 day class.  More stressful but kept us on the right track to finish our dissertations. Here is a list of thing I learned on Day 1.  

Then arrived at the building for class.

Thankful Thursday- Home For Three

Last week a friend told me that she is glad the saw me go though pregnancy and being a Mom because it will help her when she starts the process.  

I would like to thanks my friend from Home For Three for being that same person for me.  I believe everyone needs someone to help them though a journey.  Pregnancy and Motherhood definitely has its ups and downs.  The highs are so awesome, and the lows only make us stronger :).  Hearing tips from a friend and not a book can add some personal experience to any situation.  I am so lucky to have her in my life to also just let me see what a mom does to travel. She definitely traveled with a much younger baby a much father distance than I did with Maria.  She let me borrow things, and told me what to buy and what not to buy.  So I want to thank her.  Don't worry, your job is not over.  I get to see what to do with a toddler next! :)

Dr. Lisa

This week I am in Arlington, VA finishing the last residency of my Doctorate.  As usually I am a stay at home Mom, I found this eCard to be funny!!

What I learned from University Of Phoenix Morning One

These are things that I learned on my first day of residency for year 3 residency at the University of Phoenix for the Doctoral Program on Day 1 from the instructor.  Most of these are directly from the instructor.  
  • I know good stuff that you need to know. 
  • Just finish your dissertation.  Then later do more. 
  • Your dissertation should not use the word must or should. 
  • Dissertations have a specific language that you need to learn.  
  • Use your research vocabulary words.
  • Residency is very intense and draining
  • You’re going to write your chapter 1 the best you can for your proposal but you know you will get back to it. 
  • Just get in the pool and swim.
  • There is a pre-residency assignment.  Complete it but don’t worry about putting too much work into it. 
  • It’s only easy after you learn it. 
  • I played a lot of mahjong. 
  • Alternative Viewpoint- Who is right?  I don’t know?  You are both right.
  • Age brings knowledge
  • Focus – What you learn quickly.  The focus of my dissertation is to understand who should take online classes.
  • The biggest reason to complete your dissertation is to graduate; it would be nice if also it helped leaders and society.
  • We can all offer our opinions and thoughts as scholarly debate, but your dissertation chair is the post important. 
  • Don’t forget that you are already an expert at many things.  Use them in your residency.
  • We don’t care what you think in Chapters 1-4. In Chapter 5, that is when we want to hear what you think.
  • You can write whatever you want on your drafts of your dissertation.  After you have everything written down, then start chapter two. 

Fabulous House Friday- The Nursery

Charlie loves Maria's Nursery!  I see Maria's Playmatt in the background.  

Thankful Thursday- Avenue 209

My family is so thankful for our local coffee shop Avenue 209!  If you are ever in Lock Haven there is great coffee, ice cream, and really friendly service.  As a stay at home Mom, this is a great place for us to get out of the house and relax for a while.  I prefer to drink tea.

Take Me Out Tuesday- Lock Haven 4th of July Parade 2012

Maria had a great time at her first parade.  We love living in the city of Lock Haven.  The town has so much history, and many fun things happening right now.


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