Post #2- The Cat is Out of the Bag (kinda)

Well after a good doctors appointment this weekend, my husband and I decided to tell some of our friends that good news! At this point my husband and I knew for about 2 weeks. We called people and told them in person. They were very excited for us. Since we knew for a while, we were not as quite as excited as them but very happy.

I definitely can tell my body is changing. Week 6. Without getting into details, the biggest changes are drinking lots of water, and being very sleepy. I am tired all day, but can’t actually fall asleep. I have been sleeping well at night though which is a good thing. Because of the tiredness I am missing caffeine just to feel normal. I am trying to stay healthy.

The doctor gave me 4 future appointments. He said “You are the one who wanted to get pregnant!”, and that is true so, bring it on. I am lucky to not work Fridays, so I have been trying to schedule as many appointments as possible then.

I am binging to think of all the future scheduled events and how pregnant I will be in each one. I am going to three wedding which two of them I am in, crab fest, wedding showers, bachloratte parties, and works! Well we will see how it goes!


  1. Congratulations! What an exciting (and tiring) time for you and your hubby! How is Charlie handling the excitement?

  2. Congratulations. Best wishes as all of you move forward with the adjustments.

  3. Once again congratulations! It's going to be a HUGE change for the whole family!

  4. Congrats! Hope the morning sickness stays away for you. I started getting sick around the 6 week mark, and had it ALL DAY for about 4 1/2 months. I pretty much ate pizza for lunch and dinner that entire time, as that was what would stay down! Enjoy every minute!


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