25 Free Audible Codes - You Are Loved Poem Book for Kids by Lisa Rusczyk

To help promote my new audiobook "You are Loved - Poem Book for Kids" narrated by Laurel Proctor, please find audiobook codes below. Please comment below as to what code you used so others know that they are used. 

1.  Go to my book's page on Audible.com: https://www.audible.com/pd/Drama-Poetry/You-Are-Loved-Poem-Book-for-Kids-Audiobook/B079VWFM76
2.  Add the audiobook to your cart.
3.  If you are prompted to sign in, please create a new Audible.com account or log in. Otherwise, proceed by clicking “Do you have a promotional code?” beneath the cover artwork of the audiobook.
4.  Enter the promo code, and click "Apply Code."
5.  A credit for the audiobook will be added to your account. Click the box next to “1 Credit” and click the “Update” button to apply the credit to the purchase.
6.  After you select “1 Credit” and click “Update” to modify your shopping cart, the price for the audiobook will change to $0.00. You may proceed to the checkout by clicking “Next Step” and “Complete Purchase” on the subsequent page.

Your 25 free Audible.com download codes for "You Are Loved: Poem Book for Kids":

1.    JMED4Q9KM6ZW5
5.    39J2K8KYJP79F
7.    Y6T6L4BE9NYYP
8.    SF5KB783UFQDG
10.    NBT76XQB8M2PT
11.    8DDM4NBRSX9PX
12.    RCRDF3P2H4U5B
14.    HZ88PXDX4S7L7
15.    DXPX5AEWDG5D9
17.    TM6ZUDCPA8D2M
18.    9DGUHQD4CXN5P
20.    LJ32Y2UHRDBN7
21.    WPXK5PPM3ED33
22.    JBB6HBQHL2GF9
23.    NZ56RR8PZBX35
24.    8KWE6RWDEJ5SJ

If you are not yet members of Audible you can still download your audiobook for free.

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Greater Than a Tourist

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