Faboulous Blog Friday- Our Favorite Cavalier Blogs

I just love cavaliers! So much that I blog about Charlie! We added our favorite Cavalier blogs to the sidebar. This way others can see what great dogs are out there. I love reading these blogs and I hope that you do too!

Thankful Thursday- Brittany

Today I am thankful for my childhood dog Brittany. She is a 16 year old cocker spaniel! We have had a lot of fun together during the years. I feel so lucky to have her for such a long amount of time.

Marvolous Charlie Mondays- Happy Easter!

What a beautiful Easter day in Eastern PA! We had a great time visiting some friends and family over the holiday weekend. Charlie enjoyed the trip too! He will probably sleep for the next week because he is so tired!

Home Office Before and After

Guest Post-  Diana Goss

Today we have our first guest blogger, Diana! She is actually an old roomate from Lock Haven University. We were also both in each others weddings! Thanks Diana for the great post! The room is looking great!

Hi! I'm Diana and I'm really happy to be guest posting here on Charlie The Cavalier today. Lisa had asked me to share a home project just as I was planning to hang a bunch of my frames in my office to make a gallery wall of sorts. Have you noticed how galley walls keep popping up all over different blogs and home magazines? Even Michael's has a kit with a paper grid to hang your own gallery. But I was working with the random collection of frames I had laying around. I'll spare you the details (but you can hop over to my blog Life of a 20-Something Wife to see more) and just get to it.

Here's my office before:

And after:

It makes a big difference, right?

Thanks for letting me share, Lisa!

Thankful Thursday- Our Followers

Thank you to our facebook, and blogger followers! Without you, I probably would not write and post as much as I do. I enjoy sharing part of my life with my friends, and my online friends. I love using the internet and all the web 2.0 technology that exists and will exist in the future!

Welcome Friends from Two Little Cavaliers!

Thanks for stopping by friends from Two Little Cavaliers! On this blog we only have one beautiful Cavalier! We love meeting new people, and reading about everyone pets! Please look around, become a follower and stop by again! We post new fun things about Charlie and our lives every day!

Take Me Out Tuesday- Tagxedo.com

This week we will travel virtually! to tagxedo.com. This is what I like to write about most. Try it for your blog. http://tagxedo.com

Fabulous House Friday-Shoe Cabinet

I have always loved these shoe cabinets from ikea. Living in an apartment for years did not make the best place for this cabinet. But I finally bought one and found a great spot for it in the house. Not lets see if we get rid of the shoe clutter.

Thankful Thursday- The Sun!

We finally see the sun today, after about of week of darkness and rain. I love it! This is a picture from my walk from the bus to work today. Spring is here!

Thankful Thursday- Our Yard

We are very thankful for being right next to a wooded lot. Here we can watch all the wild life. We mostly see birds, bunny's, squires and deer. See if you can spot the deer. The one has a limp.

Would you like to be a guest blogger on Charlie-The-Cavalier blog??!

We would LOVE to have a guest blogger or two on our site! Please email me at lbrennec@gmail.com if you are interested! You can choose a Marvelous Monday, Take Me Out Tuesday, Thankful Thursday, Fabulous House Friday or write about something similar!

Fabulous House Friday- Front Walk

Our house does not have a front walk. For about $100 we are adding our own. Here is the layout of the path. To make this layout I made a straight line with a string, then put nails in the places where the stones should be placed. I bought each stone at Lowes for about $3.50 with 10% off and with Lowes gift cards that I got from Discover Cash Back.

I learned how to put the stones in the ground from this post. Now when it gets warmer and drier I will put them all in the ground where they are laying.

Thankful Thursday- Our Home

I am so glad that we decided to purchase our home. It has been about 6 months and love it! We can't wait to use the outside area when it gets warmer out! There it is in the bottom left corner! You can see the big changes we made already!

BEAUTIFUL SPING DAY! Not so much.... Enjoying the warmer weather though. Soon I will be able to garden again.


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