My Stretching and Yoga Routine

 This last year I have started some new habits.  One of them is stretching after I exercise in the morning. Right now my morning exercise is going for a 20-minute walk or bike ride. 

I wanted to show you where I do this routine.  Having some props around and an area to complete it every day has really helped me keep this habit.  Yes, sometimes I let the kids play with these things and I try to put them back at night so they are there in the morning. 

I have used the Peleton App, but you can use Youtube too. I find that there are three levels of stretching based on my mood.  There is Restorative Yoga, where you hold each position for about 2 minutes each. This is when I need a pick me up, and it works. The second is stretching, which is like a stretch after a run. Then there is yoga, which I need the most energy for. I am also working on my handstands on days I have more energy. 

One thing I did to create the habit is doing this while drinking my morning coffee.  It is good to establish habits with already created routines.  I would drink my coffee while scrolling social media. I always drink my coffee. So making sure I stretch while I drink my coffee works out for me.

So maybe you can add a little stretching to your morning routine.  I started with 5 minutes each day except for Sunday and this morning I did 15. 



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