4 Things to Know to to Keep Your Home Safer By Thinking Like A Criminal

Guest Post- Jennifer Kurtz 

This guest post is brought to us by Jennifer Kurtz. Home security is important and something you may not think about often. Special Note: As a cavalier owner, I do not see this type of dog as any type of security system! They love strangers and rarely bark when someone comes to the house. Unless you are a cat!

The criminal mind is a complex one, but remarkably predictable. Many criminals think in the same way, and hence have a tendency to follow a specific pattern of behavior. By knowing what a criminal is thinking, you can take measures to protect yourself and your home from being robbed. In fact, this can also help protect your car from break ins, or your business from being a target for a criminal.
Here are some of the recurring patterns found in crime, and what you can do to protect yourself.

1 Criminals Want to Avoid Trouble

Ironically, committing a crime is as close to trouble as you can get. However, regardless of the nature of the crime or the motives behind it, criminals do not want to get caught. They will avoid situations where it is apparent that they will run into trouble. For example, if they are looking to make some quick money by breaking into a home and stealing, they would rather attempt this on a vacant home. Encountering someone inside only means that there is a greater risk of being caught or being noticed.

The ideal crime for a criminal is being able to do it and then disappearing. If your home looks like a soft target, they will be more likely to target you. You can make your home seem more difficult to rob by installing an alarm system. You should also attend all doorbells, so that anyone at the door knows you are inside.

2 They Look For Obvious Indications of Low Security

As a corollary to the previous point, low security leaves your home or office looking like and easy target. A criminal will see an alarm system or a security guard and view it as a hurdle that he may not want to cross. You should display a warning sign as deterrence. Otherwise, a thief may break in thinking there is no alarm system, causing damage. Even if he does make a run for it without stealing, you will eventually have to pay for repairing the damage that has been caused.

3 They Don't Want to Draw Attention

Anything that draws attention to the presence of a lurking stranger will result in scrutiny of the individual, and they may be reported for suspicious behavior. A criminal does not want to look suspicious, or have anyone remember who he was. He will try to be as discreet as possible.
You can counter this by installing motion sensitive lights, so that anyone in the vicinity will be immediately noticeable. You should also have a well-lit porch, so that you can view anyone at the doorstep. Having a dog is also a good idea, as barking may help alert neighbors in case of trouble.

4 Most Criminals Are Looking To Get The Work Done Quickly

A criminal's worst nightmare is to be trapped or slowed down at the scene of the crime. They will often plan a quick getaway before they attempt any activity. Having physical barriers such as high walls or barbed wire will make a getaway slower and the crime less attractive to the criminal. Also installing blinds or curtains on all windows will prevent the criminal from being able to plan his escape, and make your home or office more secure.

Jennifer Kurtz is a home security adviser, who has helped to make many homes safer. She has worked for many years Lifeshield home security, and uses her experiences to blog on home and office security.

Cutting Board With Strainer

We got this cutting board for our wedding, and 3 years later we still love it.  Great for strawberries.  I then put the strawberry stems int he Gerber container for composting.  I put the strawberries in little containers to eat throughout the week.  Since taking the pictures, the strawberries are already gone!  

Tomato Basil Mozzarella Skewer

For Mother's day I was given a basil plant.  So I made tomato basic mozzarella skewers.  I saw something similar on pintrist, so I thought I would give it a try.  I then put some of the oil the mozzarella was in over them for some extra flavor.  I ate this so much last week, I just ended up making it in a salad because it was faster. Now I have to wait for more basil to grow.

Back to Basics- Make-Up Bag

Another post spurred by the nice people at Young House Love.  My every day make-up bag only has the essentials.  I have another formal bag for weddings and dressing up.  If I need to replace something it is easy.   

Every Day

  • Foundation (powder) w/ brush
  • Blush w/ brush
  • Eye Shadow
  • Mascara
  • Chap Stick
  • Tweezers
  • Shinny Lipstick
  • Special Mascara
  • Perfume
  • Eye Lash Curler

This book will help you downsize your life. Relationships and experiences are a place to spend time and money. Stop buying stuff, stop cleaning stuff, stop organizing stuff, and live your life!

I wrote "50 Things to Know to Downsize Your Life" because I wanted to create a concise guide for people to follow to learn to live a better life with less. 

This is a collection of 50 simple tips that any person who would like to know while learning to downsize their life. 

The book offers practical tips for your bathroom, kitchen, closet, bedroom, downstairs, children’s rooms, and even what to do with your extra time.  The book also includes 10 things to know to save money on your electric bill.

A great quick read. This book was written and published in 2013.

Beautiful Day at the Park- Bald Eagle State Park Beach Area

Charlie, Maria, and I had a great day at the park!  We saw fish together.  What a great day to relax and enjoy the good weather!

Beautiful Video

I wanted to share this beautiful video with us.  This garden is amazing and what a cute cavalier!

Cupcakes in a Snowcone!

Someone in my womans group made these treats!  They are cupcakes inside of a snow cone kit!  How creative!

You can create your own with snow cone cups,straws, and sprinkles. You can use a piece of cardboard to apply the sprinkles in the right section. 

She made the holder out of a cardboard box.  

Back to Basics- Shower

So as I am the new "Manager of the house", I have decided that we need less things.  A friend who is a hiker said it is like packing my bag for hiking.  Only taking what I need and hopefully things have multiple purposes.  On the left you will see my old habits.  Multiple raisers, shaving cream, and separate shampoo and conditioner.  Now I have shampoo and conditioner in one with a pump top, so I do not pour out too much, and I can use that for shaving cream too.  I can use the same soup my husband uses.

I decided to create this post and makes these steps because of a post on one of my favorite blogs Young House Love.  

Wordless Wednesday- Puppy Love

Baby Feeding Station

This dishwasher basket is great for cleaning bottle parts in the dishwasher.  I thought I did not need it and tried to put everything in the silverware rack.  Everything in the basket got filled with water, but now with the dishwasher basket.  

Quirky Ideations!


This product solves the problem of disturbing the baby to view how much the baby drank


Creating a bottle with ounce markings that can be viewed while the baby is drinking. This can be viewed though the bottle as the baby is drinking

1 Important Tip to Get Rid of Stuff


I LOVE to organize.  But I am realizing how much time I am wasting doing this.  If I did not have the things to organize I could do other things.  Here is an example above.  I bought this cute little stuffed dog that I think looks like a cavalier at a fair.  This dog has made it to two homes.  He has sat in my office, many shelves, and desk drawers, but it is time to go!  So I took a picture of him to remember him, and he went in the trash.  I will miss him and the memories of where I found him, but the thought of knowing I won't have to move him or dust around him is wonderful!  I have better things to do such as relationships and experiences.  I rather skip the experience of moving my stuff around! 


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