Take Me Out Tuesday- Avenue 209

Today I had to walk a half mile from the parking garage to work in 12 degrees temperatures! The place I rather be is at the coffee shop with a warm drink, and some warm friends. We have spent many days at ave in the past couple weeks. Church, catan, and eating food has been keeping us pretty busy there. What a great place to spend time at in Lock Haven :).

Thankful Thursday- My Husband

What a luck girl I am! After all this time we still have a great relationship. We recently "did" the standard valentines day in our house. Dinner, flowers, and candy. We tried a new Mexican place in State College that I am sure we will visit again in the future.

I am thankful for my husband that makes every day feel like v-day. He always goes out of his way to make sure I am comfortable and happy, wherever we are.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-TOY GROUP

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-TOY GROUP: "Relive the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed judging at the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show."

Monumental Fail!

Check out my new blog Monumental Fail! Have your own Monumental Fail? Submit it here! We would love if you followed us!

Fabulous House Fridays- Oh Roomba!

I wish I had rosy from the Jetsons.  But for now that is not a possibility :).  We have a roomba.  Currently we are on our second roomba.  And lately, the rooomba has not been working. I have tried to fix it a couple times with no luck.  We have had our 2 roombas for about 5 years together.  So right now the floors our dirty.  Time to get out the swiffer. Do you have roomba problems? How you tried out the roomba?

Thankful Thursdays- Learning Penn State

Well, I am now the Instructional Designer for the Nursing Program at PSU.  I am thankful for all the help that everyone is giving to me in the process.  My family and friends have been great at helping me though this process.  My new co-workers have also been extra nice in the new culture change for me. 

Penn State is a big change for me from Lock Haven.  I use to park right next to the building, now I walk 8 minutes from my parking spot.  My 2-minute commute is now 45 minutes.  I don't get to eat with my husband for lunch.  The software is completely different but exciting to learn.  So here is to another couple months of thanking everyone as I learn the PSU culture!

Take Me Out Tuesday- Texas Roadhouse

Since I am now working in State College, I think we will be eating dinner more there.  Seven of us went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  I LOVE LOVE their rolls. So much that I just get chili when I am there because I have no room in my belly after the rolls :).  After work some friends met us there, and then my husband got to ride home with me.  It was a good deal.  Nice way to deal with the hour commute (more on that later).  Who else loves Texas Roadhouse???

Fabulous House Fridays- Laminate Tile Floor

We did many projects since we moved into our house.  One thing that got left was the full bath floor.  We knew we would do something with is someday but just not yet.  We have big dreams of a tiled master bath, but for now we used laminate tiles.  The entire project cost about $100, but we feel it was definitely worth it! There is now a big change!

Thankful Thursday- Employed!

After 100s of resumes sent out, and a couple interviews I got a exciting job that is a step up from my past job. I am going to be an instructional designer at PSU starting in about a week.

I am so glad that I found another job that I will love doing!  What a thankful lucky girl I am!!

Take Me Out Tuesday- Ichiban

Happy Birthday Sister-In-Law!  We had a great time going out to dinner to celebrate a birthday!  I even made her a fondant cake.  The cake did not go exactly as planned;  I think next time I am sticking with cupcakes!


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