An Organized, Thrifty,and Simple Closet

It took me a long time to write this closet post.  Do I really want everyone to see all of my clothes?  Most of the time in the media you only see dream walk in closets.  But this is my closet and believe me, it is not a walk in.  

This is a real closet from a real girl who does not even use a dresser.  Below are some tips and tricks to keep all your closed organized.  my closet has been like this for about 5 years.  I do admit, to cleaning it up a little more before this picture was taken. 

1. Shoe Rack

I found this rack in the dumpster ( I lived at at college so at the end of the year they are a great find).  They are easy to add and remove shoes.  I can't reach the top of the rack so I put my fancy shoes up there that I don't wear all the time. 

2. Hanging Shelf

I use two hanging shelves for my shirts and pants.  I also have my bras and sports bras separated in a cubby.  These are great because you can see everything.  Also I just fold the close and put them in the slots.  

3.  Velvet Skinny Hangers

In high school I had to have the same hanger.  I have a bunch of those plastic white ones.  Since then I upgraded to the velvet ones.  You can hang much more clothes in the same space with these. I also like the look and how the clothe hang on them. 

4. 3 Drawers that a See Through

These orange drawers on the bottom left are where I store my socks, underwear, and other socks.  I only buy the same brand of socks so I never have to sort them.  

5. Vera Bradley Overnight Bag

I keep my Vera in the cover for whenever I need it.  In there I keep the bag to put my toiletries for a quick trip.  

I hoped your learned something from my tiny closet and no dresser post.  I would love to see how your organize your normal closet! 

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