Thankful Thursday- George is Cooking!

Since we are on our "health kick" my husband has been cooking.  Here he is making salsa eggs  and our version of pancakes.  

Salsa Eggs


  1. Mix salsa and eggs in bowel.
  2. Cook like scrambled eggs

Healthy Pancakes

egg white
oat meal

  1. Mix egg whites and oatmeal.  You want them to be thick.
  2. Cook like pancakes

Quaker Oats Can- Cookie Container

Just taped on some scapbook paper, and instant cute storage for many items!  I used them for cookies.  

Yarn Eggs

After viewing a pin on pintest, I made my own yarn eggs with my friends for Easter.  

- Elmers Glue
-Water Balloons


  1. Put elmers glue in bottom of bowel.  Add yarn to bowl. 
  2. Blow up water balloon to desired size.
  3. Start wrapping yarn in a pattern you like. 
  4. Let dry for a long time. (Like 2 days)
  5. Pop balloon.  You may need to loosen yarn from balloon before you slowly deflate it. 
  6. Hang for enjoyment, or put in a bowel.  

Porch Garden

This year I decided to plant lettuce instead of flowers on the porch.  I won't have to worry about tiny animals on the porch.  Easier to water also.  I also get to enjoy the green and eat them too! Don't worry if it frosts I can bring them inside.  

Baby Bottle Station

Here is our baby bottle station.  This was great for having a new born in the house.  The basket contains bottle, nipple, lids, and bibs.  This is a once stop place to make a bottle.  We then used the basket you see in the front of the basket for the dish washer.  Then after the dishwasher is done, we throw all the bottle, nipples, and bibs right into the basket.  

First Stay-At-Home-Mom Day Off

Today is my day off.  Day off from what?  Being a Mom.  My 11 week old if being watch for the first time for the entire day by my husband.  I decided that after watching her 24/7 for months except for a couple hours when friends and family watched the cute one, it was time to carve out an entire day off for this new Mom.  He said I should go out to enjoy the day.  Instead I wanted to  sleep in, not getting up every 30 seconds to put in her pacifier, and do nothing.  This is the morning of my first day off.  So far I woke up at 7 am, I’m going to see her smile every 10 minutes, and have no idea what to do with a day off.  I will probably clean the house, organize a closet, and add adorable pictures to facebook to share with our friends and family.  I already can’t wait to feed, change, and be with her tomorrow.  Let’s just hope my husband gets all the poopy diapers today.  Yes, even the ones that the poop makes it up to her belly button.  

How to Grow Celery from Normal Kitchen Waste

On pintrest I saw how you can plant celery.  I read that you can plant the extra piece that I usually compost anyway to create celery that you can use on an as needed basis.  Celery is in many of my soups including chicken soup.  Who doesn't need more chicken soup in their house?

Here is a website that has done this before where I selected the image above from.  This website said that this type of "supermarket" celery is harder to grow.  Using old plastic bottles  is a great way to start these types of plants inside.  After I go though my cut up freezer celery, I would like to try this!

50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby

So you have a book now?  Well let me tell you how it all got started.  Charlie-The-Cavalier is a blog that usually gets about 250 views a week.  I enjoy sharing my wife with others.  I have received many tips or blessings that I would like to pass on.  After I wrote the post 23 Things to Know Before Having a Baby, the list grew to 50, and I got over 3,000 reads.  I thought I might have something here.  So I went to Amazon Direct Publishing to create a book out of the tips.  A couple weeks later here we are.  I feel comfortable about a book I wrote that is now for sale online.  I really made the book to give to others as shower gifts for their pregnancy.  As a new Mom the ideas are fresh in my head.  I would like everyone to be told all the small things that someone may not tell you.  I was lucky to hear most of this information before we had our little baby Maria.  At this point the post has about 6,000 views and I am soo happy that many people are able to read the tips.  Thanks everyone for reading my blog!  Maybe you will read a book I write some day too!  I already have some ideas for other books.  I am also working on getting this one in print.  If anyone needs help with Amazon Direct Publishing, I can help!  Please ask.  I would love to bring your writing to others in a different format.  

Egg White Oatmeal Pancake

Can't wait to try this!  We have egg whites and oatmeal.  Has anyone tried this yet?

Will You be my Bridesmaid?

Our wedding was already more than 2 years ago!  What what a great time I had planning the wedding.  To ask the bridesmaids to be in my wedding I created puzzles that they put together to find out the surprise.  

Step 1: Create a template from a puzzle found online.   Use craft bond to glue the image on one side and the template on the other.  Then cut away.  

 Step 2: Peel away template
 Step 3: Put into tin!  

Roses are red, violets are blue, will you be my bridesmaid, please say " I Do!".  

No Bake Oatmeal / Granola Balls / Bars Recipe

I made these great oat meal balls!  They are adapted from oat meal bars since we have been eating so many!  Balls have been easier to make then bars since they have been going so fast!  I don't measure the wet  ingredients exactly (why get the measuring cups all sticky with honey and peanut butter).  Just add more peanut butter if they are not sticking together.  


  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 2 1/2 cups oat meal
  • 1 1/2 cup rice cereal (Rice Krispies, etc.)
  • 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup walnuts optional
  •  Add oat meal, rice cereal, chocolate chips, and walnuts to bowl.  Add honey and peanut butter and mix with spoon, then with hands.  Roll into balls, put balls into cup cake papers, flatten, and store.  

Tip:  Wet your hands when rolling the balls.  Otherwise most of the "dough' will stick to you.  

Put honey and peanut butter in microwave to soften. 

You can make them as bars too! 

Baby Clothes, Shoes, and Socks Size Chart

    Baby Clothes, Shoes, and Socks Size Chart

    Different brands of baby clothes create baby clothes of many different sizes!   What size do you buy or ask for from friends and family?  Baby height and weight is more important than size.  You should wait until the child can walk before you buy those cute little baby shoes. Some deals can be found of different brands of clothes on Amazon.  You can check sizes before deciding to buy online. 

    Find this Chart and other great baby charts in the book 50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby

    Find this and other Charts in my book 50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby

    Here is more baby stuff on my pinterest page.  

     The Insanity Workout is how I lost the baby weight and got back to my high school weight.  These workouts are great to keep you motivated to exercise while taking care of a baby.  I could just pause the DVD when I wanted to feed/change/play with the baby.  I also planned and portioned food ahead of time with these organized storage containers.  A great option if you are pregnant are these monthly workout DVDs.  Each month has a different workout. 
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