Does your Cavalier go on Scavenger Hunts?

This is Charlie looks for some treats in the hay.  I have fun making him find things around the house. 

Good morning Charlie!


We are going though some home construction that can be seen on Happy Inspired Home.  The dogs are making sure we are doing everything right :).  Look at Brittney the cocker spaniel caught behind the ladder!  Don't worry, she got out. 

Vote for Thomas!

Please VOTE for Thomas our friend from the Tiny Dog Blog!

Don't Leave Me

We left Charlie at the Parents while we went out to dinner and the casino.  He watched us leave from the window. 

Do you cut your Cavalier?

Do you ever cut your Cavalier? The last time my Dad watched charlie he decided to give him legs a trim.  This way they stay clean.    I believe Charlie is a little cooler in the summer months this way. 

What a great like us Cavaliers life!

Etsy- Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

To my surprise, when you look up Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on Etsy, there is 234 results! There is a few pictures that reminded me of my Charlie.  Here is a painting that I thought did a great job showing the expression in a cavaliers face. 

Does your Cavalier like to sit outside?

Charlie only likes to be in 90 degree weather for about 10 minutes.  Then he waits by the door for someone to let him in the air conditioning.  

Does your Cavalier Love the Car?

Charlie loves going for rides in the car.  Whenever he runs out of our site, he is sitting by the car and waiting for  ride.  


Thanks everyone for following Charlie Blog!  We made it to 15 followers!  I really enjoy hearing from everyone about their cavaliers!  Thanks!!

Does Your Cavalier Bring Sticks Inside?

After going to the bathroom, Charlie always like to bring something inside with him.  Usually it is a stick or a rock.  The day this picture was taking we were collecting firewood and he decided to help himself.  

Does your Cavalier break his toys?

I started this blog Dog Toy Test because Charlie went though so many toys!  We were buying about one a week and throwing away the remnants of a toy a each week! I realize that not all dogs like the same toys, but do you have any pictures of toys that your dog loves, or toys that just didn't work for your little one?  Please e-mail them to, and I will add them to the blog. 

Does Your Cavalier Like Cats?

Charlie has only met a couple cats in his life.  They have sniffed each other but never played together. He has even met a couple cute kittens.  It seems that the cats always have an eye on Charlie, but Charlie doesn't seem to care as much.

Does your Cavalier like fire?

We had a fire over our friends house this weekend.  Charlie loved watching the embers fly in the air.  Sometimes he tried to catch them in his mouth.  I am happy he did not succeed!  We are always afraid that his happy fluffy will get caught in the fire. No tail fires yet! 


Charlie's first day home!

Still Studying

For those of you who do not know, I am getting a Doctorate at the University of Phoenix in Educational Leadership, Educational Technology. So far I am loving it and learning new things every day. 

Does your Cavalier keep you company?

This is Charlie on my Husbands lap.  He likes to see what we are doing when we are both at the computer. 

Does your Cavalier like hydrangeas?

Two of the things that make me smile are cavaliers and blue hydrangeas!  Seeing the two together always makes me so happy!  I saw this picture on a rescue site today.  What a cute picture! 

Does your Cavalier watch TV?

Charlie has been very interested in the mouse pointer.  He follows the pointer on two tvs and the computer screen.  He must have good eyes!  We believe he thinks he sees bugs!

Do you feed your Cavalier "People Food"?

Charlie is not allowed to eat people food. On the rare occasion we do put something health in his dish. This way he does not bed and he only waits at his dish for food. Does your dog eat people food? Does your dog beg for food?

Stuffed Dog

I found this cute little dog at the fair for $2.  Now he sits on my desk.


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