Thankful Thursday- No Snow in the Roads

Last night we got some snow. We are getting more tonight (April 1st). I am happy that while it was a beautiful ride to work, there was none on the road. The view makes the 40 minute commute a little more tolerable.

Charlies new haircut!

Nemo! they have an aquarium where I work.

Seeing Green!

After getting the basics together, our main room really needed an accent color. By adding a couple pillows and chair, I think it did the trick. I found the pillows at Walmart, and the chair at TJ Maxx. The pillows are also nice and soft, so they are usable too!

Fabulous House Friday- Stepping Stone Path

Our house does not have any sidewalks. We are starting the plans to add some. One thought would be a stepping stone path I like this idea (with the stones parallel). Hopefully as the weather gets warmer, and we decide where the fence will go, we can add some of these to out yard. Then when we get some snow, it will be easier to shovel. But more importantly provide a place to walk when the weather is nice!

Thankful Thursday- Spring

Charlie is ready to go swimming again! Thankful that spring is on its way! Snow, Snow, go away! :)

Favorite TV Shows of the Moment

My husband and I watch a lot of tv together. We have our shows that we watch apart, but these are the shows that we both enjoy watching with each other. We watch them after the show is over, without commercials. These are some of the shows that we watch every week. They are all great shows that make us laugh.

  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Perfect Couple
  • Simpsons
  • Family Guy
  • Modern Family
  • Big Band Theory
  • The Office
  • Community
  • Outsouced
  • Chopped
  • Fringe

What are you favorite shows of the moment?

Little Feet Leave Big Impression on Our Hearts

Little Feet Leave Big Impression on Our Hearts

Take Me Out Tuesday- Happy Birthday George!

We had an amazing time celebrating George's 30th Birthday! Lot of friends came out. Diana helped with the cupcakes and they turned out great! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Marvous Charlie Mondays- Hairy Beast

Charlie really needs a haircut! I tried to get him one this Friday but they were booked. Next Friday is the day!

Thankful Thursday- Friends at the Big Birthday Weekend

This weekend is the big 3-0 for my wonderful husband! We are so blessed to have so many friends in our life. Some of them live out of town and are coming in for the big day! I can't wait to catch up with them. The big event of the day is Settlers of Catan at the coffee shop. I am sure we will do lots of other fun things!

I am going to attempt to make Catan cupcakes like the ones below. Lets see how they turn out!

Vacation- Cruise #10

After starting a new job, and going to year 2 residency at University of Phoenix Arlington it was time for a vacation! This is starting to be a biannual thing for us, which we are both ok with.

We took a cruise to port canaveral, great stirrup cay, and Nassau. We had an amazing time airboating, enjoying the beach, and at atlantis waterpark! George loved the food too! We sailed on the NCL Gem.

Now back to work, school, and our friends at home!


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