Marvous Charlie Mondays- McDonalds Toys

Happy meals still make me happy!  Every time I get one I try to find a toy that Charlie will like.  Sometimes they only last minutes,  but this one is still in one piece.  Even thought it is a pink unicorn, Charlie does not care.  Enjoy the Toy Charlie! 

Fabulous House Fridays- Wine Rack

We found this wine rack after completing a wine tour of one of the finger lakes.  Since we were with a bus trip I decided to buy this rack online after we got home.  We have gotten a lot of great complements from this.  This space saving rack was a great buy.  We found a great spot for the wine rack at our new place.  It almost looks like we bought it for this spot!  You can now buy this wine rack on Amazon that has a 4 star rating.

Thankful Thursday- Free Online Games

This is one of my favorite online games, settlers of catan.  I love that you can play online for free.  Does anyone else play catan the board game or online?

Take Me Out Tuesday- The Texas

We got to go to The Texas in Lock Haven, PA for my sister-in-laws birthday!  Most of us ordered breakfast for dinner.  A quick and fun dinner for everyone!

Marvous Charlie Mondays- Nap Time

Charlie just loves to find a spot in the sun and take a nap during the day.  Look at this great spot! 

Fabulous House Fridays- Cleaning Cupboards!

Since I had a little extra time on my hands, I decided to make my future life a little easier and  organize a little.  I am pretty happy with the results.

Clean out kitchen pots and pans.  Only keep the materials you use monthly in the main cabinets.  But other pans and appliances on higher shelves or donate them. This cutting board was too large for us.  We decided to buy a smaller one that was easier to store and clean in the dishwasher.  

Personal Tip: We keep the electric knife in the over the microwave cabinet since we only use it around holidays. 

Homework:  Clean out cabinets and donate the materials you are now using.  Think about the food you prepare and what appliances you still need. 

Thankful Thursday- Games with Friends

We have been playing a lot of board games with friends. We have been playing settlers of catan the most.  Has anyone else played this game before?  I now even play online.  I am very thankful that we have friends to play board games with! 

Take-Me-Out Tuesday- Green Bowl

This week we went to Green Bowl in State college PA for dinner.  Green Bowl is basically a large salad bar where you pick your vegetables, add sauce, and they grill it for you! We also went to state college so we could find the place that I had an interview at Penn State.  Fingers crossed that the interview goes well!

Before and After- Living Room

Here is a little before and after shot of the downstairs living room of our house.  We started by taking out the carpet.  We then took down the boarder, painted the trim white, and the walls beige.  We changed the light fixtures, added wall hangings, and curtains. (White curtains were added after the picture was taken).  We love the result!

Marvous Charlie Mondays- Just Hanging Out

Charlie just loves to lay around!  Oh the life of a dog.  Anywhere he can find a throw blanket is his new bed.  As you remember from the dog bed post, we gave up on getting a dog bed for Charlie.  Where does your dog lay around your house?

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning: <-- Inspiring song from A Soft Place to Land.

If you don’t already know Christa Wells, you’ll want to. Her music ministers to my soul.

In Christa’s words, this song was “Inspired by words of John Piper: God is doing a thousand things in every thing He does.”

Sunday Morning is a post from: A Soft Place to Land

Fabulous House Fridays- Hallway Art

My husband has been asking for some art in the hallway.  I admit it is pretty plain.  I just have not found the right think to add to our u shaped stair case.

We had this large barn star from our other place.  The star use to hang behind the couch.  I believe the star looks a little more modern this way.  Now to find art for the top of the staircase. 

Thankful Thursday- Michael Jackson Experience with Friends

This week a couple friends came over and we played the Michal Jackson Experience for the Wii.  We had a great time, laughed a lot, and got some exercise in too!  I rented the game from gamefly. I saw many people receive $50 wii games for Christmas this year.  I get bored pretty easily and did not think it was worth $50.  They have a free 2 week trial that you can see if you like renting games from gamefly.  I think blockbuster has a similar offer, but I already used it on renting movies.   I enjoyed the game, but I am already bored of it.  On to renting the next game!  The old ones just go back in the mail. Has anyone used game fly before?  This is my first week.  I am thankful for my friends to try this with me so I did not have do dance alone.  The game is a lot more fun with friends.  Thanks girls! 

If you decide to join gamefly, please say I referred you .  I then will receive a free month. 


We made it to 25!  This is excited.  I have been seeing 24 followers for a while and could not wait til the 25 mark.  Thanks for all the follows! 

Let Our Guest Have Light!

Hotel Rusczyk open for Business!  I just added these cute side lamps to the bed.  Since there was little room for side tables, I decided to add these ikea lights to the sides of the bed.  I then added plastic wire holders to the wall so you did not see the wires going to the outlet.  The best part about these lamps is they each have a little pull to turn them on and off so you do not have to unplug them every time.  I love ikea lights.  I am glad I was able to put these to good use! 

Don't slip!

I added these stair treds right before the snow.  They are really needed in the snow and the rain.  Right now we use these stairs to enter our house.  In the spring that will change to the front door when we create a real driveway and front sidewalk.

There are many projects to complete outside the house, but I need to wait until the weather is warmer.  Until then, I will enjoy winter :).

How does it foat there all by itself?!

 For Christmas this year Santa (Dad and Mom) brought me a floating shelf.  They bought it from Lowes.  I had a hard decision from the shelves at lowes and the Ikea.  I decided to go with this one because the shelf is more substantial.    I let George hang the bracket on the wall.  After a few curse words to get all 6 of the screws in the bracket was on the wall! 
After some accessories, I think the wall is more of a focal wall now.  I am excited to change the accessories with the season.  The painting was a birthday present from Diana few years back.  I was thinking I would like to add a vase or something on the other side instead of the plant.  I may have trouble watering the plant because it is so high and I am so short.  Now I have a reason to go to T.J. Maxx again :). 
There will be more home projects to come since santa was nice to me.  The problem is, you not only have to receive the present, but put in a little elbow grease to add things to your home.

Back to Work?

Yesterday I got to do all the things that people went back to work wish they got to do.  I woke up late, exercised, got some wash done, hung out at the coffee shop and played board games, ate dinner with a large group of friends, and then relaxed watching tv with my husband and dog. 

I would not have gotten to do this if I was not looking for a new job.  So, I am grateful for the time to search for the new job.   Using my time wisely to do all the little things I did not get to do when I am working.  So far, I am loving it :). 

George and Charlie plays with Trains!

George and Charlie got to play with trains that have been in my family for a couple generations.  They had a great time. 


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