Halloween fun with friends

Beautiful Orange Leaves

After eating at Curts, a local bbq place, the orange leaves were beautiful.

Had a great time with Friends

Dog Stencil Pumpkin Carving- How Martha Stewarty is this?

This Martha like pumpkin was done from a stencil fro better homes and gardens.  We even added a battery operated light that changed colors in the center.

With this pumpkin carving kit, you won't have to buy a new one every year.

About Lisa Rusczyk
Lisa is the creator of the blog Charlie-The-Cavalier and his Friends, Family, and Home.  She is also the author of 50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby.  Send Lisa Rusczyk an email at lbrennec@gmail.com

Cavalier Stencil

This is the goal of the night Stencil

My sand collection

When I go to the beach, I try to bring sand back as a souvenir. I usually add sand to a water bottle and then add it to bottle at home.  Some friends have even brought me some sand too.  

Another Beautiful Fall Day


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