18 Weeks Pregnant

Cravings:  Have not had any cravings in the past couple weeks.

Energy:    High.  Ready to go on vacation. 

Weight Gain: Still about the same. 

Baby Movement
: Sometimes I feel little movement.  I am ready for some more! Bring it on!

Surprises?:  Ready to find out the gender! 

To Do: Prepare for the ultrasound. 

4 Steps to Update Your Bathroom Vanity

When we moved into our house, we did many updating projects.  The upstairs bathroom wasn't on the list.  Well now it is finished.  This entire project cost about $400 but I think it was a big change.  I finally can brush my teeth at a granite counter top every morning!  I hope you enjoy the changes!

Step 1. We started by painting the walls tan, the trim white, and adding a new mirror and light fixture. 

Step 2. We also added laminate tile squares to the floor. As you see just adding new hardware to the cabinet did not do much for this cabinet. 

Step 3. Here I sanded off the finish, added wood puddy to a couple holes, and took off the doors to be painted separately. 

Step 4. I then painted the cabinet.  (We have hated this green countertop since we moved in!)

Here we bought the granite counter top, needed to move out the cabinet a little to fit the new sink, and finished the project.  We are very happy with how it turned out.  No more green!! I also realize that my husband could do some light pluming! Sherwin Williams Utterly Beige Paint

Enjoying the Second Trimester

Now that I am feeling great, my belly is starting to grow.  At first I was a little scared of this process, but since it is such small changes every day, it is not so bad. 

Week 17!

Thank you everyone for following my journey and all the positive comments! This past week has been AWESOME!  I feel great, and beautiful!  The 3 month hibernation is over!

Cravings:  Have not had any cravings in the past couple weeks.

Energy:    High.  No I actually feel like I am on a high!

Weight Gain: I think at this point a pound or two, thanks to nausea in the beginning of the pregnancy.

Baby Movement
: The doctor explained it as bubble wrap popping.  Yes I can confirm that I feel that sometimes.  Its pretty cool!

Surprises?:  My skin has been great! 

To Do: Right now I am concentrating on eating healthy food.  This was easy when I did not feel well.  Now I have to stay away from all the summer treats and eat food that is healthy for baby and I. 

4 Months!

I finally look a little pregnant instead of just feeling really pregnant!  The nausea has caused me to be the same weight as when I started, but just redistributed :).  I would love my appetite back, as my husband and I are going to Vegas for a wedding in a couple weeks.

So far most of my clothes still fit.  I am happy about that.  I did make a TJ Maxx run a couple of weeks ago and got some cute shirts that are long because they are in style.  So far they are comfortable.

At this point I am not craving anything.  My favorite summer foods are usually ice cream, blue berries, and hard shell crabs.  For some reason I don't want ice cream or blue berries at all!  Believe me I have tried.

I am tired.  Not as tired as the beginning, but I have an 11 hour day away from home without my commute.

Thanks for reading!  I hope to keep you updated every month! 


Yes I have joined my friends in organizing thoughts online.  When I was in high school I use to rip pages out of magazines and save them in folders.  Now I can do that online.  Also, I don't have to buy the magazines, look at advertisements, or deal with paper waste.

Follow me if you like http://pinterest.com/lbrennec

We can share ideas!  (There is a cavalier board too!)

Fabulous Home Friday- Accessories

I picked up the green pieces in this picture from T.J. Maxx a couple weeks ago.  I think it adds some color to the room.  Also easy to move for cleaning.

Online Classes

I start a new online class today.  I have been doing this for about 2 years now.  The nice thing about starting an online class is you know the first day of class you won't be wasted reading the syllabus.  You can do that on your own time.  You don't have to worry about finding the room, being able to understand the accent of the teacher, or not liking other students in the class.

Online classes are perfect for me because there is no quizzes or tests.  Just writing papers that help me learn.  Yeah, the negative to that is that I have to edit those papers.  But the good news is I usually get an A with effort. 

So here is to another class in my doctoral journey!

4th of July 2011

I feel like I should not blog because I don't have any pictures for you, but I can tell you how the holiday weekend was anyway!

Thursday night we got to eat with friends Amanda and her husband at Chinese buffet.  They spent the weekend in New Hampsire, but we got to see them before it began.

Friday, my husband and relaxed, since it was my work from home day.  We did dinner and movie night since I was trying to relax from a stressful week.  

On Saturday, we got to see a college friend Jamie, with her husband, and her beautiful new addition to the family Colby!  We went to texas roadhouse (I got to pick because I am the one with cravings and I love there rolls).  Colby did great at lunch, and Jamie and Brent made a really good team for moving baby around.  Hopefully George and I can work that well together.  

I thought the fireworks were on Sunday, but I was wrong :(.  Good thing we found out from George's sister before we left!  We did go out to eat with Danielle and Antony, our friends who are moving to Arizona in a week for teaching jobs.  We will miss them :(.  But we will see them in  a couple weeks for their Vegas wedding! 

Monday, my husband really wanted to do a cook out.  So we did and it turned out really well.  Danielle, Anthony, Becky, Emmy, and Jared helped us celebrate by eating with us!  Since we lives in an apartment for the last 5 years, we really are enjoying the deck, grill, and the outdoors!  Charlie thought it was too hot out so he stayed inside while we played games and enjoyed the weather.

Even though we did not go anywhere for the weekend, we had a great time eating, and enjoying the company of our friends! 

Update:  A couple weeks ago we also got to go to crabfest.  Thanks Di! 


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