Does your Cavalier like other breeds?

Charlie has a friend over today named Jasper.  At first I think Charlie thought Jasper was too fast.  Usually he does not like dogs that are smaller than him.  After a little while they became friends.  They had a good time playing inside and outside in the sun.

Does your Cavalier like to swim?

This is not Charlie, but look how great this Cavalier can swim.  Charlie also like the water.


This is one of the places that Charlie sits while I am at work.  He looks tired already!

New Leash

We bought this leash from Bed Bath and Beyond for about $10.  It has a flashlight, a spot for bags, and is retractable.  So far we really like it to take Charlie to the bathroom.

Do you like many Cavaliers?

I thought it was really cute!  To bad it does not have the Blenheim spot!  

What is your dogs favorite toy?

This is Charlie's favorite toy.  We put some dog food and treats in there and he will play with it until he gets all the food out.  We like it because he can play on his own. After doing some research it is called Tug A Jug Dog toy.  We found it at Target.  He has had it for 2 months now and has not ruined it.  Reading some reviews of other dogs tell me that other did not have as much luck. 

He can get the treats out in the small gap where the rope is.  Sometimes we take out the rope to make it a little easier on him.  I hope your dog likes the toy as much as Charlie does!  We thought $13 was expensive for a toy but now we think it was worth it.  

Does your dog play fetch?

Charlie loves to play fetch.  It is hard to take pictures of him because he is so fast!  Here are a couple.

Waiting for it...

Found it! 

Here it is!

Does your Cavalier find little spots to sleep in?

Charlie made his own little bed. He looks comfortable!

Does your Cavalier help others feel better?

I was not feeling well today. Charlie stayed with me to help me feel better.

Does your Cavalier sleep under the bed?

After we assembled our new bed, Charlie now sleep under there. Even when we are away from the house. I think he likes the dark cool spot!

Does your dog sleep under your bed?

Does your friends tell you about other Cavaliers?

All of my friends know that I really enjoy the Cavalier King Charles breed. My friend Chelsie went me a picture of her relatives neighbors dog. The dog lives in Montrousville, PA and is 3 months on in this picture. Maybe one day him and Charlie will be friends.


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