Does your Cavalier like Road Trips?

Road Trip! Charlie took a 10 hour road trip this weekend.  He did great!  

Yes I am ready!

Getting a little Sleepy!

Good Night!!

Does your Cavalier play with other living things?

Toad. Charlie found a toad in the grass. 

He poked at it and licked it and then we decided to take Charlie away from the toad.  Don't worry, no toads were harmed in this picture.

Does your Cavalier like Gruffins?

Gruffins! Charlie got his free gruffins today from Tiny Little Dog Blog.  I think he really liked them! 

Thanks Veronica and Thomas!  We had fun opening the mail together today! 

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Does your Cavalier like Squirrels?

Squirrels! Charlie is being tormented by a squirrel!  He sits outside the window and just looks at Charlie.  Charlie barks at him but he does not move. 

Does your Cavalier have his own bed?

Charlies new bed! Charlie got a new bed today.  I decided to add the progression of beds that he has had so far.  We found the last two at Marshalls.  They last a long time but they eventually get destroyed.  He plays with this like toys

In this picture the tag was still on the bed.  Right after was taken he tried to get the tag off. 

Does your Cavalier's tail make sounds when it hits the wall?

In the morning it is just Charlie and I that are up.  You can always hear where is his because his tail hits the wall when he wags it.  Thump, thump, thump, thump.  It make me smile. 

Does your Cavalier like boat rides?

This is Charlie and I last summer on my Dads boat.  I think he enjoyed it.  He wanted to sit on our laps so he could see over the side of the boat. 


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