We met CM!

C and his Mom Jen from Home for Three came to visit us last night. We had a great time catching up.  Both of them look happy and healthy!  George and I both got to hold the baby.  Charlie (the dog) was curious of C (the baby) but he did an ok job.  C is still so tiny, I love it.  Don't worry he will grow soon. 

Charlie like the Camera!

Charlie loves the new camera!

The Pictureless Post!

This year Santa is bringing me a camera!  I hope to get it some time soon.  I am a visual learner, and I love to share pictures with others.  This post may be the past pictureless post for a while. 

Today I will be doing a little more shopping, cleaning, and getting ready for Christmas!

Pet Store Flah Back

A couple weeks ago, my friend Danielle and I went to the pet store.  We had a great time playing with the puppies.  One wanted to come home with her purse! Don't worry, we did not get any puppies!  


Charlie and I were on the couch for most of the week because someone how I got hives!  We have no idea what they are from, but all I know is that they are gone now.  My face is finally healing up! Now I am excited to get ready for the holidays!  

Also, a special thanks to my husband and friends for being extra helpful this week!  

Christmas Dog Treats all Finsihed!

 The Treats

The Treats After Packaging

Charlie "helping" with the packaging

I have always wanted to make Christmas dogs treats.  These treats were made out of peanut butter, flour, water, and a vegetable oil.  They were very easy to make.  Charlie like them!  He had a was interested in what I was doing when I cooked them, and when I packaged them. 

2 hour delay

We all enjoyed the 5 inches of snow last night.  We even got a two hour delay today. 

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Christmas Parade!

This weekend the cheerleaders got to be in the Lock Haven Christmas parade.  For some reason, they have the parade at night.  Everyone was freezing!  We did have warm blankets in the "float" that we were in.  This was a good team bonding event.  Maybe next year we will do a cheer or dance for the judges! I gave the girls their Christmas gifts a little early.  They got Santa hats just like my cheerleading coach gave me for Christmas.  Thanks for the help Danielle for writing their names on the hats! 


"The only constant is change"

(Image from here)

This is the thought of the day for me.  Below is my vision powerpoint for the next year. About once a week I look at this powerpoint and change some of the thoughts.  I got this idea from reading The Secret after the book was on Oprah.  This will be the fourth year that I complete one.  This helps me understand what is important to me and thoughts that I need to remind myself.

Does your Cavalier like to taste chap stick?

Every morning when I put my chap stick on Charlie tries to lick my lips.  The entire morning he tries to climb on any piece of furniture just to try to lick my chap stick.  For some reason he just goes crazy over it. 

Charlie got a bath and hair cut

Now Charlie is all clean!  Hopefully he won't bring the snow in on his paw anymore. We are now ready for the snow.  I hope that he won't get any snow balls on his fur now.  We already had snow 2 times by December 1! 

Thanksgiving Part 2

We had a great time at Thanksgiving! We got to see the growing puppy Bailey.  We also got to spend time with George's family.  The snow did not stop us from getting there!  The food was great!

 Charlie always knows something is up when we are packing our stuff to leave. 
 Charlie's favorite spot in the house.  Our "security" dog ;)
 I think he likes to pose for pictures.
 George and the puppy Bailey
 My sister in law Becky (I just like saying that)
George's God-daughter, Bailey, and me

Christmas is here! (Not really)

We are a little early but we decided to put up our Christmas tree!  This is our first time with a real tree.  The tree smells wonderful!  I am not worried about keeping the tree alive because we only added one more week.  Merry Christmas. 

Yoga Time.

A friend and I did yoga to relax today.  There has been many different stresses in my life.  I enjoy yoga because I am can relax by the end. 

Thanksgiving 2010 Part 1

These are pictures from Thanksgiving with our friends this year.  The food was great!  Then we got to play ticket to ride and settlers of catan!Great time with great friends.


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