4 Double Stroller Reviews- Which One Will You Pick?

Guest Post- Gemma Dawson.  Gemma is back again with another well written review.  She called this the Double Buggy Review but I changed the title to stroller.  I currently only have one child but maybe someday there will be a second.  Woman need to get out of the house and have some freedom.  A double stroller is a great way to enjoy the outdoor.  What kind of double stroller is your favorite?  

When I had my first two children close together, they were 17 months apart and I went through so many pushchairs so I wanted to give my opinion on the pushchairs available on the market for 2 children.

Great pushchair for space and the wheels all move great together. The bad points of this pushchair are the basket for shopping is quite small and the width of it that you have to push through shopping doors. I think these side by side pushchairs are great for space for the kids and walking around your local area and the park but for small doors to shop they do take up quite a lot of space. With this product as well it is like having 2 single cossato pushchairs so it can be quite heavy and if you don't have a lot of boot space it still takes up quite a lot of width in the car. This type of pushchair is usually quite cheap compared to the other twin pushchairs like the Icandy, phil and Teds and the Baby Jogger brands which is another good selling point.

2. Obaby Twin Pramette

This is a pram but side by side and with 3 wheels. You might think with 3 wheels the pushchair is smaller however that is not the case, the pram attachments are still quite large. This is good for if you have a newborn and a toddler as the newborn can be in a pram part and the toddler can have a proper child seat. Another great selling point of this pushchair is the fact that the child is facing the parents at all times so they get that interaction that a lot of other pushchairs do not.

This is a neat little 4 wheel pushchair, quite middle of the road priced at £350 but this pushchair has been made so it is neat and compact but also that the children are comfy while the parent is jogging along pushing. Main problems with this pushchair is that if you have a small car you may need to take the wheels off to store the pushchair in your vehicle, you cannot reach the shopping basket if the kids are laid down and the handle cannot be adjusted.

This is my favourite, not just because it is the most expensive at £500 but because it has so many selling points. The main selling point being it has one seat behind the other so it gets through all the shopping doors. The seats can be adjusted so you can have a newborn cocoon, a toddler seat or seats for 2 toddlers. The other great thing was if you just take one child out for the day you don't look daft having 2 prams you can just use the main seat as a single by taking the double seat off.

Obviously these are just my opinions from a mum of 3 who has had so many double buggies to check the whole market out there. 

Gemma Dawson is a mum of 3 who sells items like peppa pig party supplies .

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