Blossoms responce: Five Things I Don’t Understand About Sheryl Sandberg & Marissa Mayer

This article is from The Official Mayim Bialik Blog:  Five Things I Don’t Understand About Sheryl Sandberg & Marissa Mayer 

I agree with most of Blossom's (I still like to call her that) statements.  I have seen this in the media too.  While I am happy for other woman who want to go back to work 2 weeks after giving birth not everyone needs to do it.  Some woman just do not have the option and need to go back to work.  They don't have the option of building a nursery next to their office. 

But for some lucky people like me, I fee very blessed not to go back to work.  I feel EXTREMELY lucky to be working on a Doctorate.  I know that could go away tomorrow. But I know I am missing out on opportunities to moving up the career ladder that other men, or woman may be getting.  I am ok with that.  

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