Thanksgiving Part 2

We had a great time at Thanksgiving! We got to see the growing puppy Bailey.  We also got to spend time with George's family.  The snow did not stop us from getting there!  The food was great!

 Charlie always knows something is up when we are packing our stuff to leave. 
 Charlie's favorite spot in the house.  Our "security" dog ;)
 I think he likes to pose for pictures.
 George and the puppy Bailey
 My sister in law Becky (I just like saying that)
George's God-daughter, Bailey, and me

We got snow on Thanksgiving!

For all of you not in Lock Haven today, we got snow this morning!  

Christmas is here! (Not really)

We are a little early but we decided to put up our Christmas tree!  This is our first time with a real tree.  The tree smells wonderful!  I am not worried about keeping the tree alive because we only added one more week.  Merry Christmas. 

Yoga Time.

A friend and I did yoga to relax today.  There has been many different stresses in my life.  I enjoy yoga because I am can relax by the end. 

Thanksgiving 2010 Part 1

These are pictures from Thanksgiving with our friends this year.  The food was great!  Then we got to play ticket to ride and settlers of catan!Great time with great friends.

Thanksgivings Past

Every year since I think George and I started dating, we have had a Thanksgiving dinner with our friends.  Here are some pictures from a past Thanksgivings.

( I think everyone was still chewing when I took this picture)

There is an end date!

In the mail on Friday I received a letter with my end date at LHU.  I started as a student, then grad student, then applicant for multiple jobs, then I got a job at LHU, and now there is an end date for working there due to budget cuts!  Don't worry, I don't think this is the end for me and LHU.  But, Dec 31 2010 will be my last day here.

I will miss my daily work and co-workers, but I know more doors will open for me in the future. George told me they always do, and I think he is right.

Still Here!

I feel like I should update since I have not posted for a while.  (Thanks for the idea Diana)
  • I am home for the weekend to help my family out because of a death in the family. 
  • I am a Cheerleading coach now for girls 4-14 in the LH area.  I am nervous and excited about helping the team out!  
  • The house is wonderful.  So far easy to clean, and a great place to relax.  I really feel like it is home now.  Hopefully with children to follow soon!  
  • My doctorate is going...  1 year down, 2 1/2 to go.  If I just keep putting the work in, I will soon get there.  I am learning some interesting stuff along the way too. 
  • I have a side job now helping with a health online class.  It is nice to "work for yourself" as I make my own hours, and design classes the way I like.  
  • Still looking for a job, and still have not heard anything about when the jobs I have now last day is.  A little frustrated with how I am being treated when I am basically working for the government.  I thought little stuff like this only happen in private companies, guess not!
  • Loving all the time I get to spend with my friends lately.  Even if I win board games too often ;). 
  • I get to go outlet shopping with my sister today.  Hopefully I find some good winter clothes. 


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