5 Things to Know About Maternity Clothes You’ll Actually Wear

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This is our first guest post from Sonia Morgan with hopefully more in the future.  When i told my friends I was pregnant, one of my friends gave me a large bag of pregnancy clothes.  I was very lucky.  I took some of the clothes out of the bag and thought they would never fit me.  But they did!  Here are some pregnancy clothes tips.   

When you find out you’re pregnant the first few weeks seem to go by in a blur of excitement and awe. Between accepting the fact that your life is about to change drastically and sharing the good news with family and friends (and your boss, your hairstylist, the mailman, etc. etc!) it can be easy to put off preparing for your pregnancy.

Early in the first trimester it isn’t really all that necessary to start the preparations anyway- you still fit into your normal clothes and there isn’t much of a need to alter your normal daily schedule in order to accommodate your new status.
Soon after, however, the reality sets in that your fast-growing waistline is going to need some extra attention, in the form of something you can actually wear without feeling constricted and uncomfortable.

So which maternity clothes do you actually need? If you’re an avid fashionista, you may be tempted to go out and buy an entire maternity wardrobe, but that can be expensive. Plus, even if you’re budget allows, it can be hard to justify spending on clothes you’ll only wear for a fraction of one year.

By keeping a few considerations in mind you can arm your maternity wardrobe with pieces you’ll actually wear and appreciate.

1. Maternity Jeans

Jeans are a staple, go-to piece in many women’s closet, and pregnancy is no different! Think of the versatility of a great pair of jeans- they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and worn with boots, sandals or flats.

The great thing about quality maternity jeans is that you can buy them as early as the first trimester and plan to wear them up to and past your due date. Choose your favorite styles, such as skinny, boot cut and straight leg jeans with under the bump waistbands.

2. Pregnancy Underwear

It might sound silly, but what we’re really talking about here is maternity lingerie. You simply have to have well-fitting, pretty and comfortable maternity bras and briefs to create the foundation for a beautiful outfit during maternity.

There’s nothing worse than feeling constricted around your chest during pregnancy’s inevitable increase in breast size. Plus, many maternity bras can double as nursing bras later on so they’re a great investment.

3. Versatile Tops

Yes, you can wear some of your normal tops, especially during early pregnancy. However, you won’t want to show the underside of your belly, have the fabric bunch up in the wrong places or generally look like you’re way too big to be wearing what you’re wearing.

Versatile tops during maternity include long camis in neutral colors and tunics that can be dressed up or down. Wear them with jeans or leggings for casual days or slacks and elegant jewellery for more formal occasions.

4. Must-Haves for for Work

If you have a professional appearance to maintain at work, you may need to invest in several pieces to get you through your pregnancy- plan for several pairs of black maternity slacks with comfortable waistbands, a few blouses that will fit perfectly until you go on maternity leave, a great jacket that goes with everything, and comfortable yet formal low-heeled shoes.

You may even be able to get away with a tailored maternity suit worn over a long cami or neutral knit top instead of a blouse.

5. Formal Occasions

Special events are fun because they’ll let you show off your maternity glow, but often there’s no need to buy an expensive maternity dress you’ll only wear once. When purchased correctly, your maternity bra will also fit perfectly beneath any dress you choose.

Have fun trying on dresses at a lower cost store and pick up something fun and flirty- empire waist lines can often be worn even at your largest, and features like crossover necklines look great on moms-to-be.

Sonia Moran is a professional stylist and mother of two active boys. She enjoys spending weekends in the great outdoors with her family. She is also a writer for Amoralia in the UK, where you can find gorgeous maternity bras and a range of comfortable nightwear.

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