Post #1- I'm "Out"

I am secretly writing this post in a google doc and then moving it over to blogger! I am pregnant! I love saying it and hearing it. The problem is, we have only told our families and no one else. So when I get home from work, I tell my husband over and over, I’m pregnant! I even tell the dog. I just love saying it. We have not told our friends yet until we go to the doctor and we are sure. It is very hard for me to keep a secret, but I rather wait then tell them bad news later. I am sure we will tell others the bad news if it happens, but we want to be sure in our good news too.

So how did this happen? Our journey started 8 months ago when we started trying. I stopped taking birth control and we were off. The gynecologist said at 6 month if nothing happens that we could start testing to make sure everything is working correctly. So at about 7 ½ months I decided, that we would try the test. I had an ultrasound and blood test. Both looked good for baby making. One week later, I took a pregnancy test. Now the tests that I took were from that Jen suggested. Since we were trying for a while, these ovulation and pregnancy tests were a good deal and accurate.

I took the cheap pregnancy test and got a light pink line. I never got any line before... I woke up George and he did not think much of it. I have showed him my ovulation tests with light lines before and we were not sure how to analyze them. That day I went to work and googled, “light pink line on pregnancy test”. The results showed everything from high protein diet, to positive. That night I went to Walmart and got a “real” test that said either pregnant or not pregnant. I also happened to get a star wars shirt because it was on sale. I got home, put my new shirt on because I knew it would make my husband happy and took the test. The test said pregnant!! The first thought on my mind was.. “Is this really pregnant, or pretend, light pink line, too much protein pregnant?”. I wondered this because of what I read online and just starting for a week a high protein diet (don’t worry, I stopped right away). I walked town stairs to show my husband and I think that is when it became more real. We hugged and he told me how beautiful I was, even in my star wars shirt. I guess I got the pregnant glow already, score.

So now the anxiety and excitement has begun. What am I doing to my body? I always thought about inflicting physical pain on yourself interesting. I am a person that gets sea sick easily. So when I go on cruises and get sick I always think Why do I do this to myself? Or after a long night of drinking and a hangover. We know it is coming, but we do it anyway. So here I go again. In-flicking pain on myself, but I think it is good because I know the possibility of the outcome of the pain. The cost-benefit analysis says good to go! :)

So at week 5, no sickness yet. Just on day one of finding out. Just nervous excitement about the process. Instead of counting how many months we have been trying, we are going to star counting down from 9 months. I can’t wait to roll out the good news to everyone that we share our life with. I am sure we will have mixed reactions. But what is most important is that my husband and I are happy, and stay health though the process. I am more cognitive about everything I eat and drink. The baby's heart starts beating this week! The only change so far is the amount of water I am drinking (lots). Also, when my husband took my first pregnancy picture he said “are you sticking your stomach out?” but I actually think my stomach change shape a little (possible bloating from water intake). So the journey continues. I hope to keep everyone updated with more posts as I can. This Friday we go to the doctor for the first time to talk about past test results.


  1. What sweet news!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. I'm so happy for you, I know it was hard at times but look what has happened! Congrats, again, for like the millionth time!

  3. Congratulations! I look forward to hearing all about it.

  4. CONGRATS! CONGRATS! CONGRATS! How exciting! I cannot wait to hear about your journey. :)


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