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If you can not tell by this blog I LOVE CAVALIERS.  One time we saw one at the airport on our honeymoon in Europe.  We were in Barcelona and I saw a tri-colored beauty.  I stopped the woman and her husband to pet the dog.  She spoke Spanish, so our husbands tried to translate as we talked to each other.  Other people like to point out Cavaliers to me too.  You can find out more about my love for cavaliers in the start here section. 

While on pinterest and in media I find cavaliers all the time.  So on pinterest I started a new game called SPOT THE CAVALIER.  When I find a picture of a cavalier I pin it and give it the spot the cavalier description. Below is the pinterst board.  Please join me by adding spot the cavalier to your cavalier pins too! I would love if you followed this or other boards. 


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  1. Great idea! I'll put my little Cavi on the lookout for some photos (and photo ops!)

    1. Great thanks! I love seeing cavaliers in the media!


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