Kitchen Organization

Pots and Pan Storage

This is where we keep all the pots, pans, crock pot, rice cooker, and pressure cooker.  The pan rack and the lid rack are very helpful.  

Note Paper and Mail

These letter storage containers are from Ikea.  I secured them to the wall with L brackets.  We keep pens and paper in the top one and mail and bills in the bottom.  

Dish Storage

This cabinet contains many organized items.  The top shelf is a shelf that I can not reach.  Here we put storage for food that we found on sale.  The second shelf has our  food storage container organizers   and measuring cups.  The last shelf has our plates  and bowels on storage racks.  I love the corelle  dish set because they are very easy to stack.  We bought two sets so we would have enough for guests or if we just need to get more wash done.  


I love having all the same silverware.  Keeping them organized in a simple, easy to clean in the dishwasher tray is easy.  I bought these at Ross on sale. 

Kitchen Tools

Before I cleaned out this drawer there was 3x as many serving spoons in this drawer.  I put the other spoons in the holiday section over the refrigerator (a cabinet we don't use often) and only kept the things that we use the most in this drawer.  

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