7 Things to Know to Make a Great Baby Gift Basket

Guest Post- Alma B. Apostol

Todays Guest Post is brought to us by Alma B. Apostol. Enjoy! I love seeing gift baskets at baby showers. I love making them too. These ideas can also be used for birthday gift baskets.

Baby Gift Basket, Expectant Mom’s Excellent Gift

If you know someone who's expecting, baby gift baskets are popular and practical gift for the new mommy and baby. Expectant Moms normally stock up the essentials such as diapers, t-shirts, sleepers, and etc. These items are expensive and can stretch the couple’s budget to the limit. Baby gift baskets are an excellent shower gift to help fill those gaps. You can find numerous selections in stores that the family will appreciate and enjoy. However, when selecting a basket, make sure that the basket can serve another purpose for mommy after the baby's born such as the following:  
1. Warm Hats

Variety of hats to warm the baby, especially for a baby born in the cold months. If your expectant mommy lives in a chilly region, fill an entire baby gift basket with hats, knitted and crocheted.

2. Hamper

A large hamper style might be used for sheet or towel storage.

3. Basket

A shallow sturdy oval basket can hold baby shampoo, oil and wipes, along with ointments and etc.

4. Large Basket

A large basket with lots of stuffed animals. Baby stores have a diverse selection, often unusual and very attractive.

5. Color

Rattles and colorful toys for visual and audio stimulation, very important to the baby's development. Baby stores carry an amazing collection of such items. Find out what's new and popular.
6. Quilted bonnets, and fur-lined.

For babies born in a tropical climate beautiful and comfortable sun suits are suitable. Department stores have lots of sun suits. You can fill a baby gift basket with just anything you can think of.

7. Coloring Books

Colorfully illustrated storybooks and alphabet flashcards are gifts to keep when the baby gets older. The family of your expectant mommy will treasure and appreciate your gift basket. Showing your love and caring feelings during mommy’s event will be remembered for years to come. 

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