5 Things to Know To Get Your Preschooler to Behave

Guest Post- Gemma Dawson

Here is another guest post from Gemma Dawson.  I don't have a Preschooler yet but I will soon.  I hope you read and enjoy the tips.  Again, Gemma lives in England so there is a British twist to these tips.  

 Many parents have problems with their under 5 year old's and behaviour, whether this is temper tantrums, not doing as they are told or blatantly ignoring you as a parent. The first step to take is to see why their behaviour has slipped, this could be a number of reasons:

  • They are not getting enough attention at home
  • The atmosphere at home is one of constant arguing
  • Two parents cannot agree on discipline.
  • The child is bored and unstimulated
  • The child doesn't understand what is expected of them
The easiest way to conquer most of these is to talk to your child through the day, make sure there is no shouting or arguing in the household and agree with your partner what is good and bad behaviour. Remember sometimes parents will be fine with one thing and the other will think that is naughty so both parents need to compromise and work together because the minute you don't work together it creates problems as your child gets confused.

There are easy ways to deal with children's bad behaviour

1. Tantrums

Ignore your child when they are having a tantrum. Tell them once a tantrum will not help anything and you will not be listening until they stop the tantrum and tell you properly.

2. Boredom 

Most children get bored sometimes especially in winter so make sure your child is stimulated, whether that is toddler groups, nursery, getting out and about and visiting new places or providing craft and stimulating toys in the house.

3. Not listening

The naughty step is good for kids who do not listen or do as they are told, they need to go on it for minutes according to their age and explain to them why they are on there and they need to stay there to think about how they behaved.

4. No shouting or hitting

Sometimes kids do test your patience however shouting and hitting is a definite no no, because all it does it says to the children you can hit and you can shout and no child should ever think that behaviour is okay.

5. Good Behaviour

Good behaviour should be rewarded either with stickers or something else the child likes. You could even have a reward chart for things like getting dressed, putting coat and shoes on, toilet training reward charts, helping in the house rewards just for maybe moving their plates and rubbish to the sink and bin.

I hope these tips have been useful in encouraging good behaviour and how to deal with bad behaviour. I am Gemma, mother of 3 gorgeous children and owner of a party supplies business offering themes such as octonauts party supplies .

Other Materials on Child Behavior: 

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