Quick and Healthy Vegetable Crock Pot Soup

Here is my quick recipe for a week night for soup.  Throw it all in the crock pot.  If I have time I add some extra steps.  If not, the soup takes great! 

- 2 cans low sodium beef broth (Can you vegetable broth to make this recipe vegan)
- 2 cans whole tomatoes (crush with hands) - I got to do this job since I was a kid 
- Frozen broccoli (half the bag)
- Frozen soup vegetables
- Potatoes (if I have extra around the house)
- Pepper 
-Garlic (We have the pre minced garlic in a jar)

Crock pot for 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high.  If you don't have a crock pot you can add these ingredients to a pot on the stove.  Add whole wheat noodles or rice if you have time.  Great for lunch or dinner.  We have a one year old.  We have extra that we keep in food storage containers. for her at any time.  We remove most of the broth so we can eat it with her hands. 

About Lisa Rusczyk
Lisa is the creator of the blog Charlie-The-Cavalier and His Friends, Family, and Home.  She is also the author of 50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby..  Send Lisa Rusczyk and email at lbrennec@gmail.com.  


  1. You should come link up with my weekly recipe challenge! :-D

  2. Thanks for sharing this Lisa! I make something very similar with macaroni or other small pasta added.

  3. Your welcome! Sometimes I add pasta too if I don't add potatoes.


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