4 Steps to Update Your Bathroom Vanity

When we moved into our house we did many updating projects.  The upstairs bathroom wasn't on the list.  Well now it is finished.  This entire project cost about $350 but I think it was a big change.  I finally can brush my teeth at a granite counter top every morning!  I hope you enjoy the changes!

Step 1. We started by painting the walls tan, the trim white, and adding a new mirror and light fixture. 

Step 2. We also added laminate tile squares to the floor. As you see just adding new hardware to the cabinet did not do much for this cabinet. 

Step 3. Here I sanded off the finish, added wood puddy to a couple holes, and took off the doors to be painted separately. 

Step 4. I then painted the cabinet.  (We have hated this green countertop since we moved in!)

Here we bought the granite counter top, needed to move out the cabinet a little to fit the new sink, and finished the project.  We are very happy with how it turned out.  No more green!! I also realize that my husband could do some light pluming! Sherwin Williams Utterly Beige Paint

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