Toddler Room Organization

Our little girl is growing up!  Time to have her room grow with here.  I took away some of her toys she does not play with anymore and organized the other toys.  "Santa" was very good to her this Christmas.  

I bought containers from the dollar store and added her toys.  These toys have little parts so I would like her to play with them one at a time so they stay organized. 

Balls, blocks, food items, letter blocks, and other plastic toys. 

Set up montisory style with shelves and each toy having a spot to be put away. 

Reading spot to read before bed time. 

Other small toys in wipes containers. These include carpet squares (found at lowes), sponges (cut into blocks), lids (baby formula and peanut butter lids cleaned), and small books. 

(This was the before Picture)

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