Spaghetti with Mushrooms, Red, Green, and Yellow Peppers, and Onions

I am a real Mom cooking food.  This is a series of cooking for people at a very low level.  Like just getting out of your parents house level.  But hopefully you can learn something!

Serves 2
Time 20 minutes
Clean up 5 Minutes

-Pasta Sauce (With mushrooms so you don't need to buy them extra (88 cents from Save a Lot)
-Spaghetti (Half the box) (88 cents from Save a Lot)
-Green, Red, and Yellow Pepper and Onion Mix  half the bag (Frozen from Wegmans $2)
-Minced Garlic 

Total For Recipe = .88 + .44 + 1 = $2.32 for dinner for 2 or $1.16 a serving! 

Step 1: Start boiling water. Add salt to water.  Put frozen vegetables in pan on medium.  

 Step 2: When water is boiling add spaghetti.  I snap in half so they fit and I prefer my spaghetti shorter. Add a teaspoon of garlic. 
 Step 3: Add sauce and put on low.  Wait for spagatti to be done ( I usually set timer for time on box). 

Finished!  I don't stain the spaghetti just use a slotted spoon. Why wash something else?

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