50 Things to Know Before Decing To Becoming a Stay-At-Home Mom

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Here is a list of things that I have created as a Stay-At-Home Mom.  I was a software trainer, multimedia technician, and instructional designer at a University before I decided to take the most fulling job that I have so far.  I have a masters degree and am currently working on my Doctorate in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Educational Technology.  I have only been a stay-at-home mom for 10 months.  I hope these tips can help some woman that are not sure if being at home is right for them.  While being a stay-at-home Mom is right for our family at this time I am NOT against working Moms.  A friend from church said she had a friend that was thinking about staying home.  She wanted me to give her some thoughts.  So here are my thoughts on being a stay-at-home Mom.  (Onesie Image)
You May Wish You Did Work

1. Sometimes I think of how nice to get out of the house and go to work.  The thought of leaving the house without the baby would be nice. 

2. Long Term Goal Outside of FamilyThe outlet that I choose is this blog and my book 50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby.  While I am not doing the exact same work that I was doing before the baby, I love technology, and teaching others.  I still found a way to do this.  You can't be a Mom 100% of the time.  Doing other things will make you a better Mom.  

3. Exercise
I believe starting and exercise routine is very important.  I used the Insanity DVD's to get back in shape after pregnancy.  I do them in the morning during play time.  If our little girl would cry, I could pause them and then get back to it.  Believe me I needed the pauses too because the workout is hard.  

4. Out of the House Plan
You can't just stay home all day.  You should get out with others.  I now have church groups, play games at the coffee shop, mothers group, and shopping.  

5. Schedule
Sometimes I love a schedule.  I could write every hour of the day down. But when one of us is sick or we do an activity out of the house, many times that schedule changes and that is ok too.  

6. Working Moms
I feel guilty to be given the opportunity to be a stay-at-home Mom. I believe some of my other friends would like to do the job if they had the opportunity.  The days that I was tired and bored I felt were wasted.  But I know that some says I would feel unfulfilled at work and miss our little girl even more.       

7. Money-  Going from making what my husband made to making nothing felt different. We have savings but we don't have the same lifestyle we did before.  We do save money by not going to the bar, not eating out as much, and having different weekend activities.  

8. Difference in Money
As a stay-at-home Mom I don't pay for Gas, lunch out, new clothes, and dinner out as often.  These cost add up over the year that I know is savings. 

9. Providing Extra Income
I am lucky that my hobby turned into some extra money for our family.  This blog has created an extra income source.     

10. Find a Mothers Group
I was the first in our group of close friends to have a child.  Being and interacting with other stay-at-home Moms is very beneficial to me.  Their stories and encouragement have been very positive.  

11. Friends
Your old friends may change because you are a Mom now (mine did) but you need to interact with other people outside of the house.  Taking to other adults is important.  And no you can't check facebook all day. 

12. Getting Help is Good For You
You may eventually need some time off.  A family member of friend can help you.  "It takes a whole village to raise a child".  You don't need to be a 100% stay-at-home Mom.  You can get a part time job.  I thought about becoming a substitute teacher for one day a week.  Some daycare will take children for the day.  A family friend may need some extra income and would like to watch your child for one day a week. 

13. Being There
One day I was feeding our baby.  She way playing with my face.  I loved her in my arms, and the thought of her playing with some other persons face made me realize how much I loved being in that moment. 

14. Low on Sleep
I think being a Mom would be easier if I had more sleep.  But I will never know.  

15. Not For Everyone
I believe that some women are better Moms if they work.  Different people were put on earth to complete different jobs in this world.  

16. Outings
When I worked, I would look out the window on a sunny day and would daydream about being outside in the warmth at a park.  I can do that now, with out little girl.  I love it!

17. Choice
If you decide to be a stay-at-home Mom the change is not forever.  You can start looking for a job at night or when the child is sleeping.  You are not making a forever choice. 

18. Volunteer
You may have time time to do things that you would not have the time to do as a working Mom with a family.  

19. Priorities- This about what is most important to your family.  Then try to get there.  

20. Balance- I have found it difficult to create balance in my life as a stay-at-home Mom. I try to balance many things but don't come close.  

21. Life Happens
When we make plans God laughs.  Be prepared.  

22. Set Yourself Up
Before I became a stay-at-home Mom my husband and I had a plan. We had savings.  We did not have payment.  We changed our bills so are tv, cell phone, insurance, and trash were lower. We decided how to keep paying into my retirement. 

23. Retirement
Keep putting money into a retirement account as a stay-at-home Mom. 

24. Get Help
This is a big life change.  You may get depressed for a number of reasons.  If you need help find it.  Being a stay-at-home Mom may not be the reason you are feeling this way.  If you worked you may have negative feelings for another reason. 

25. Monotony
Diapers, feeding, cleaning, crying, over and over and over. 

26. Emotional Stability
I admit to being moody and not completely emotionally stable.

27. House Manage
A stay-at-home Mom is basically a house manager.  Manages food, money, children, and stuff.

28. Perfection
 Each day I try and be perfect but never achieve it.

29. Learn From Others
I hear many stories about other stay-at-home Moms.  I try to learn from those issues.

30. House Bound
Some days I feel isolated from the world.  When my daughter was sick we could not go anywhere for three weeks because she was contagious.  There are only so many places you can go in your house until you get bored of all of them.  

31. Partners Schedule
If you are a stay-at-home Mom someone is probably paying the bills.  If this person has to work late then you need to work late too. 

32. Less Mobile
Getting out of the house is more difficult.  You need to pack the diaper bag, carry the baby, know what kind of mood the baby is in, ect.  

33. Less Jewelry
When I went to work I liked to wear long necklaces and earnings.  As a stay-at-home Mom I rarely wear these because someone likes to play with them and pull them.    Instead of telling her no, I like to just not wear them to begin with. 

34. Healthy Food
Keeping healthy food around the house is not important for just you but the family.  I believe when I weigh less I can do things around the house more efficiently.  My husband and I also get sick less.  

35. Organization  
I believe keeping organized is important.  Meal planning, organized clothes, organized drawers, and a laundry system are all helpful as a stay-at-home Mom.

36. Snacking
As a stay-at-home Mom you have your entire kitchen next to you most of the day.  If there is bad food in they cabinets for example chocolate, chips, ice cream, I will eat them.  I try not to keep these things in the house. 

37. I Am Difficult To Offend
I learned this phrase in my Woman's bible study last week.  This is something I need to remember especially when I am tired. 

38. Your Needs Are Met
I try to remember the difference between needs and wants.  When I became a stay-at-home Mom I began to get rid of many items in my house that I did not need.  This was very freeing.  I am given what I need as a stay-at-home Mom.

39. Living in the Moment
Just being around our little girl keeps me in the present moment.  What am amazing feeling to feel content and happy.

40. Clean House
A never ending cycle.  The more help I can get in these areas the better. 


41. Laundry
A never ending cycle.  The more help I can get in these areas the better. 

42. Dishes
A never ending cycle.  The more help I can get in these areas the better. 

43. Isolation
Many days you may feel isolated.  You may not be around other talking adults for entire day until your significant others gets house.  That person may be so tired that they may not want to talk to you either. 

44. Hygiene
You may forget to shower, brush your teeth, or hair.  

45. Change Our of Your Pajamas
While you can wear the same thing all day, you may not want to wear the same thing all week.

46. You Are Not Your Title
Just like any job, you are not your title.

47. Praise
Getting praise for doing something may be difficult.  Much of the work you do may not be appreciated for a long time. 

48. Joy
You may feel amazing amount of joy in your life some days.  I think this is why people plan to have more than just one child.  

49. Breaks
You may get small beaks because your child is napping.  But they are usually not on schedule and you may not know the length of the break.

50 . Love
An amazing feeling to love someone all day long. 

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I love this! And this being my 2nd child it is all so true! I am glad to have read this because it has been 10 years since my DS was born and you forget a lot of these things.I had never heard of the happiest baby and now after watching the clip from The View you posted I will be buying the book! Thank you. ~Those who do not believe in love at first sight have obviously never given birth~ -cookies

Really enjoyed reading your first few tips for first time moms! Just started my last trimester and starting to get anxious, nervous and excited! My sister in law sent me this link and I love your tips, charts, advice!! Thanks so much! I will have to get ahold of the rest!! (Nikki)! First time mommy!!:)

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This is a collection of 50 simple tips that any soon to be parent would like to know before their first year of parenthood. A great quick read for a soon to be parent. The book also includes tools including Website Resources, Baby Feeding/Diaper Schedule, Mom Medicine Schedule, Baby Clothes Size Chart, Baby Sitter Sheet, Short Hospital Bag Checklist, After Recovery Kit, Baby Medicine Basket Items, and a list of 10 Things to Know When Traveling with a baby.

 50 Things to Know Before Becoming a Stay at Home Mom: Tips Shared From a Real Life Stay at Home Mom

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