Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Star Cruise to Bermuda October 2012 with a Baby

My husband and I love to cruise with friends and family.  This is my 11 cruise.  We have done 8 cruises together.  Cruising all started when my grandmother brought me on a 5 day cruise as a graduation present.  We go about once a year now.  This was the first year with a baby.  Click here for more Cruise Pictures.  Like our Charlie the Cavalier Facebook page while you are there.  

To pack for Maria I put her clothes, bibs, and food in a closet shoe storage rack.  One shelf for each day.  This packing worked very well.  I then put the days stuff in the diaper bag.  Then we could go on the ship or island without needing baby stuff.  Disposable bibs worked great too!  They also have sticky bibs but we have not tried them.    Here are some more baby travel tips

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