Baby Proof Your Home

These items are some of the things that I would have likes to have used at our house if I knew they existed before I bought what we did. 

1. Safe Plate Switch Covers-  I would love to put these in if we buy a new house.  Then if we ever have guest with babies there will be no issues.  

2. Stove Knob Covers-  We have a gas range with 5 burners.  These were very helpful to keep our little one from turning on the gas.  

3. Baby Gate- This baby grate is great because you can open it with one hand.  The gate we own has a different latch.  I have been told you need a special gate for the top of the stairs so if it does fall down by accident, there is no injuries. 

4. Baby Blanket Over Door- To keep little fingers from being pinched, I just lay a baby blanket over the top of the door.  A free alternative.  You can take the blanket off when the baby is sleeping to quietly shut the door. 

5.  Oven Lock- Our ovens locks itself.  But if you don't have a self locking oven you may need one.  My daughter uses this as a bar to hold onto.  The only problem is when the oven is on you can not lock it. 

6. Tub Stopper- Let Bathtime fun begin!   

This kit has many things that would be a great baby shower gift:  door knob covers (if you have round handles), easy to install, but easy to lose, switch protectors, and latches.  We just put the latches on all of our kitchen and bathroom cabinets so we would feel more comfortable letting our baby roam around the house. 

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