Ubbi Diaper Pail Review

I think I was missing out.  Today in the mail I got a beautiful trash can for diapers.  I know what you are thinking... really?  Currently we just have a metal trash can for diapers.  But it does stink and it is just easier to let the bag stick out. 

This trash can is a beauty.  There are many colors to choose from I had trouble.  I wanted the can to "hide" in the room so I choose a similar color as the trim.

This trash can is much nicer than a plastic one.  But if you see in the picture below you can just add the bag easily in the inside, and use the small opening.  

You can also lock the trash can top which is nice since my daughter is learning the difference between the trash can and the hamper right now and I would not want her to make a mistake.  But I probably will not use the lock often. 

So the selling points are: looks nice, no smell, easy bag insert and removal, has a lock, and will probably last forever.  You could use this for all your kids.  I would much rather get the Ubbi diaper pale for someone for their baby shower than another one.  


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