Tips for Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress for Your Body Shape

Prom night is coming your way, and you’re pressed to find the perfect fashionable prom dress that will blow everyone away on your special night! Well, look no further, because we fashionistas here at JenJenHouse have some coveted styling tips for your 2014 prom dress!

The style mantra that beauty stylists always recommend you follow is the one that suits your individual body type. Now, we’ve got the body shapes down, round, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, heart-shaped, hourglass-shaped, etc. However, even two girls with the same body shape will have fine features and details about their curves and bust shape that simply are not identical. You are the person with decades of experience in dressing your body shape well. So, our first tip for choosing a great prom dress this season is that you must select the one in which you feel beautiful. Yes, invest in that flattering frock that seems to melt onto your skin like better even though it just doesn’t look right to your friends and critics.

The second thing that’s all-important in selecting the perfect dress is making sure it fits very comfortably. Your prom party is going to involve a ton of excitement, fun, hugging, and photo sessions. You want to look comfortable and at ease throughout the night. If necessary, purchase the ideal dress and have it adjusted by a tailor for perfect fitting.

If you have got a reasonably small bust, then try to choose a prom dress that is low-neck. Even a super low-neck is a possibility if all the other dimensions of the dress fit the bill. Wild ideas like petals and bra cup stick-ons for coverage are also not impossible with a small bust. However, do note that these may not be acceptable under school dress code. So, why not opt for a prom dress that’s fitted with much embellishment near the top. These tend to make the breasts appear larger. On the other hand, if your bust is too large for comfort, then definitely avoid a tent-style dress as this will only amplify the issue.

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