Setting up a Sole Hope Party

My woman's group is hosting our first sole hope party. I hope to be posting and updating you on the process.  First we sent for a sole hope cutting packet.  We then set a date and sent out invitations on facebook.  This is what the invitation said.  Please copy and use this for your own party. 

Facebook Invitation to Sole Hope Party

The Woman's Bible Study group at The Common Place is hosting a shoe cutting party for the group Sole Hope. 

During the party we will be cutting out shoes that will then be sent to create jobs for shoe makers, and then protect children's feet from jiggers (parasitic fleas).

Are goal is to make 100 pairs of shoes. 

We will be collecting the following items:

Clean Plastic milk jugs (25)
Scissors (20-Only needed for the day)
Safety pins (100)
Ziplock Bags (10)
Old Jeans (50 Pairs)
Cotton Fabric (25 yards)
Sharpie Markers (5- Only needed for the day) 

We are asking each person who attends to donate $10 to go to making the shoes. Please come to the party even if you do not wish to make a donation. 

We are excited about this event. We hope you can make it. If the day does not work for you please bring supplies or a donation to Avenue 209. There will be boxes set up there in the next couple weeks. Thank you for your prayers for this event. 

Please invite others and RSVP so we know how many people we will be expecting.

We then had one person make a box and another make a board explaining what we are doing.  Since we have church in a coffee shop we placed the box there for church people and coffee shop customers to donate materials and learn about the project. 

Here is a list of what we have done so far to set up a Sole Hope Party:

1. Ordered the kit from sole hope

sole hope cutting packet

2. View Video

The group viewed the video together. 

3. Select a Date

4. Create a Donation box and Board

5. Created a Facebook Invite

6. Told others about the project and started collecting materials

*** I will keep you updated with future events.  

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