50 Things to Know About Lisa

Photo from My 30th Birthday Party
For those of you who do not know I turned 30 this year.  I feel so blessed to be at this point of my life.  I try to live in each moment.  For those of you who do not know I started writing the 50 Things to Know Series of Books.  This year for my birthday I was given a Book "50 Things to Know About Lisa" from a close friend Sarah (http://www.theclericalerror.com/) and (http://www.grimestonephotoblog.com/).  We feel  mutually blessed to have each other in our and our families lives.  We have little girls that are only about a week apart.  We love watching them grow together.  Anyway, where is the book she wrote for me for my 30th birthday.  And she says she isn't a writer! 

50 Things to Know About Lisa
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Printed in USA by 48HrBooks 

This book is for my dear friend Lisa.  She inspires me daily and challenges me to try new things.  Although we are very different, she has become one of my very best friends.  Lisa is truly a blessing to me and my family, and we love her very much.

Lisa, welcome to your thirties!      

Table of Contents

Foreword 5
Introduction 6
Chapter 1 7


I like Lisa because I like Maria.  I also like her voice.  It’s her birthday today and we get to go to her party.  Birthdays are fun!

It is very nice of Lisa to have a birthday party for us.  I hope she likes her birthday.  She is so sweet and kind.  She is good at thinking about other people, very caring.  And I like when she babysits us.



This book is a collection on fifty things to know about Lisa.  Perhaps if a stranger met Lisa on the street, this would be a helpful guide into knowing and becoming better acquainted with her. 

Chapter One

50 Thinks to Know About Lisa

1. Lisa is 30 years old.
2. Lisa is the wife of G
3. Lisa is the mother of M
4. Lisa’s first baby was a dog named Charlie the Caviler.
5. Lisa should have at 2 or 3 more human babies just to keep up with the Grimes. 
6. Lisa has no desire to keep up with the Grimes.
7. Lisa is a very wise woman.
8. Lisa is a very motivated person.
9. Lisa is a stay at home mom.
10. Lisa is about to finish her doctorate.
11. Lisa is a blogger.
12. Lisa has written several books.
13. Lisa has been on television.
14. Lisa is probably going to be rich and famous.
15. Lisa makes all this hard work look easy.
16. Lisa makes me tired.
17. Lisa is a wonderful mommy.
18. Lisa is extremely helpful.
19. Lisa is a terrific friend.
20. Lisa is a great encourager.
21. Lisa tells me I’m a wonderful mom too.
22. Lisa might be a bit of a liar.
23. I appreciate that about Lisa.
24. Lisa knows a lot of stuff.
25. Lisa is very smart.
26. Lisa understands things like Search Engine Optimization. 
27. Lisa amazes me.
28. Lisa can multitask.
29. Lisa can play Settlers of Catan and chase Maria at the same time.
30. Lisa likes to vacation.
31. Lisa has been to many places…. warm sunny places.
32. Lisa makes me jealous.
33. Lisa never leaves the house without her camera and a container of Cheerios.
34. Lisa usually has to share her Cheerios with my children.
35. Lisa is so very sweet to my kids.
36. Lisa is always willing to lend a hand.
37. Lisa is brave.
38. Lisa has risked her own life to protect us from creepy craiglist stalkers.
39. Lisa is very patient.
40. Lisa doesn’t have the heart to tell the caregivers at Mothers Together that Maria is not allowed to eat cookies.
41. Lisa has come to terms with the fact that Maria has a two hour cookie binge every Friday.  
42. Lisa is kindhearted and sweet.
43. Lisa is beautiful.
44. Lisa is health conscious.
45. Lisa does like an occasional Frosty from Wendy’s.
46. Lisa would never dip her French fries into her Frosty.  That’s preposterous!
47. Lisa has a lovely home.
48. Lisa keeps her house very organized and tidy.
49. Lisa would really like granite countertops for her birthday.
50. Lisa deserves granite countertops.

Happy 30th Birthday, Lisa!   

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