50 Things to Know to Live a Stress Free Life


When you live a life full of stress you will find it could be hard to experience true happiness. You might find yourself undergoing health problems and many other things all due to stress in your life. Due to some circumstances in my life I suffered with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and struggled with stress daily. Stress can affect many different parts of your life.  I don’t claim to be an expert in this area but now I no longer suffer with this disorder and now I would like to share with 50 tips that helped me to overcome PTSD and stress.

1.  Learn How to Forgive Yourself for Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes in their life. When you hang onto those mistakes you not only hurt yourself but you might even be hurting the others in your life by hanging onto those mistakes. 

Simply let go of those failures and mistakes and say out loud, right now “I forgive myself!”

2.  Don’t Hold Onto Grudges

You need to not only forgive yourself but learn how to let go of the things that people have done towards you that might have hurt you. Other people make mistakes just like you do and holding onto those offenses only hurts you and them. 

3.  Do Not Obese Over What You Cannot Control In Life

Things happen in life that we have no control over. Stop trying to fix everything that happens and just let go of it. Know that you cannot fix everything in life. Just remember, sometimes things happen for a reason and even though you might not understand as to why it happened.  The event happened so stop obsessing and let things fall into place as they should. 

4. Try to Clear Your Mind and Take Breaks

There are times in life when we have so much going on and sometimes it might just seem as if everything happens at once. One day I was working and my boss just kept piling up work one task after another. I got overwhelmed with all of the assignments and started thinking, there’s no way I can do this.

What I did was I took a break, walked outside and just cleared my mind. I started thinking positive and guess what? I was able to complete everything that he gave me in that same day.  When you step away from the situation your mind can refocus. 
Another way to take breaks is to drink a cup of tea when you are stressed.  Just the action of leave the current situation for a couple minutes may clear you mind enough to focus in to the situation. 

5.  Stop Focusing On Several Things At Once

Start trying to focus on just one thing at a time and set up goals to help you with getting thru the day. Focusing on many things can cause you to get stressed out and not even complete the job.

This may mean you have to stop checking your email, texting, or viewing facebook.  Create a to-do list of each task.  Check off each item as you finish the goal.  As you check off each item you will begin to realize that you can complete all the tasks you are given. 

6.  Don’t Analyze So Much

When you start to analyze over every detail you will find yourself falling behind on work because you are too busy focusing on those details. Just stop trying to analyze and get to work. 

For example if you are writing something, first get all your thoughts down.  Then try to edit.  If you are worried about editing while you write you may write nothing at all. 

7.  Visualize Happiness

Picture yourself having a successful and happy day. In the morning wake up and say positive affirmations about the day and at the same time visualize having a day without any stress and have faith that you won’t have any stress.
What does a happy day in your life include? How can you put those concepts into your every day schedule? 

8.  Smile a Lot More

If you find yourself having a hard time with being able to smile in life then here’s your excuse to sit down and watch a good movie. Everyone needs to laugh until they cry. Turn on some music that will make you smile.  Call a friend to have a chat. 
Another trick to smile is to put a pen or pencil across your mouth.  You will begin to smile instantly.  When you smile the world starts to smile back at you.   

9.  Do Not Judge Other People

Judging other people can even cause you to become blindsided with the wrong way of thinking about the other person. You don’t how that person can help you in life so stop judging.  Try to help those people who may need your guidance. 

10.  Sometimes you’ve Just Got To Say No

We all would love to be like superman or superwoman but it’s just not possible. Saying yes to so many things can cause you to get worn down and exhausted. Just say no and move on.  By saying “No” you are saying yes to other things in your life.  For example, more time with your family. 

11.  Meditate

Take time out for meditation. You only have to have around 15 or 20 minutes a day on meditation. This is something that you should do daily and not just sometimes. Skipping it just once can cause you to possibly have problems throughout the day.

12.  Get At Least 8 Hours of Sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep the night before then you will find yourself getting easily tired and stressed out the next day. It’s important to always get plenty of rest so that way you will feel energized again.  For you this may to take naps during the day. 

13.  Have a Coffee or Tea Break

A tea or coffee break can be a wonderful way to calm yourself down and relax. Drink tea can help you stay calm. When you have tea time, try and clear your mind and mediate in that break so that way you can go back truly refreshed.

If you do not want to have caffeine, you can try naturally decaffeinated green tea.  Try many different teas to see what works best for you. 

14.  Clean and Organize

Living in a house that is dirty can add stress in your life that you could easily prevent. Take a day to go around and just clean your home and clean your work area. A house that is dirty can also be bad for your health. Throw out old things that you no longer need. 
When your workspace is organized, you are more efficient.  You will be able to find things more easily, and get work done more quickly.  Having an clean workspace will make you more productive every day. 

15.  Things Do Not Always Need To Be Perfect

Stop trying to make everything perfect.  Know at times things will not be perfect. Plan things out but know that mistakes might happen along the way. Don’t panic when those mistakes happen. Breathe in and out and know that everything will be fine.

16.  Hang Out With Friends and Family That Make You Feel Good

Hang out with family and friends that make you feel good. Avoid hanging out with friends and family that might cause you to get stressed out. Don’t feel guilty when you cannot hang out with the other people that might make you stressed. You can talk to the your friends and family about your current situation.  Hearing about other people’s lives may make you realize that your current situation is not that bad. 

17.  Wear Bright Clothes

Dark clothes can sometimes make you feel depressed so avoid wearing dark clothes and wear clothes that are bright and can reduce your stress levels. If you don’t have any fun clothes then you’ve just earned the right to go out and do some serious shopping.
If you’re a girl wear a little makeup.  Make sure your clothes are not wrinkly.  Comb your hair too. 

18.  Turn On The Lights

Dark rooms can cause depression, stress and many other things. Turn on the lights in your house, open up the shades and step outside and enjoy the warmth. You might be surprised as to how light can greatly influence your mood. You can purchase special lights to help with depression.  Sitting in front of these lights an hour a day may increase your mood. 

19.  Eat Healthy

Having a bad diet is not only unhealthy for you but that bad diet can also cause stress in your life. A bad diet can make you not get enough sleep and it can be hard on your system overall. Start having vegetables and fruit that are good for you to reduce stress in your life. You can also have some occasional chocolate to lift your spirits. 

20.  Have Candles Nearby

Using candles during meditation and when you are relaxing can really help influence your mood. Candles can reduce your stress and make you feel so much better. Have a candle of a smell that you love and light it up whenever you start to feel stress coming on. Make sure these candles are watched carefully because if they catch something on fire they may cause more stress in your life.  

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