Have you ever washed your dog with people shampoo?

Recently, we ran out of dog shampoo, so I used my shampoo.  I think that was a mistake.  Charlie was scratching all the time, and matting him hair.  Sorry Charlie!  We recently rewashed him with pet shampoo and he is fine.  What shampoo do you use on your dogs? 


  1. I use Pet Head shampoo for my Willow. It makes her smell like blueberry muffins! They have many flavors at Petsmart. Here's a link to their website:

    - Emily

  2. No! It's too much fun to shop for pet shampoos!

  3. I've got a few favourites but they are fairly pricey options! I love any and all Vellus products. I know that when I use them they smell beautiful and come with amazing results on my cavaliers coats. A recent new favourite of mine is Chris Christensen's Spectrum 10 Shampoo and Conditioner that has been made especially for silky type of coats. I bathed Molly in it for her last show and was really impressed. It also made my tri very soft and shiny. I will definitely add it to my rotation of grooming products that I love!

    For those in between baths I use Mane and Tail.. originally made for horses, it works beautiful on most cavaliers. It is about $7.00 a bottle at Walmart. Like almost any shampoo/conditioner it works best on dogs when diluted. Can't get much cheaper than that. :)

    Happy bathing! I love having clean doggies with soft beautiful coats! I hope the re bath in dog shampoo made Charlie feel better.


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