Does your Cavalier get ear infections?

Charlie has been shaking his head a lot lately!  And it is not because he is saying no.  We think he has an ear infection.  What do you do for your cavaliers ear infections?  Are there different kinds?  What should I look for?


  1. jasper had ear mites when we first got him. I use a product called Epi-Otic after their bath. It's drops that you put in their ears after you've dried them thoroughly, which is essential with long eared pooches, they get smelly damp ears if they;re not dried properly. Epi-Otic dries the inner ear and stops infections from occuring. So far it's been two years and neither of them have had any problems. You've just finished Summer, has Charlie been swimming a lot? We Cavalier Mums need to watch their precious ears. All the best and let us know how he goes.

  2. Thanks for your comments! I will need to get this for Charlie.


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