Does your Cavalier Watch TV With You?

Doesn't it look like Charlie wants to change the channel?  I wonder what he would like to watch if he could.  Does your dog look at the tv when they are laying with you?

Charlie only does when there is something on the tv that looks like a bug. Otherwise, he likes to sleep or play while we are watching tv or reading. Sometimes he is more entertaining then the tv himself! 


  1. Charlie....I bet your Mum can't take her eyes off you even when she's supposed to watch TV. We think you're gorgeous too. Marley and Jasper.

  2. Hi Lisa & Charlie,

    Willow (my Cavalier) and I are so happy to find your blog. Thank you for the sweet comment on our Fall decorating post today. We're also from Pennsylvania and are always happy to meet new friends! Stop by again soon.

    - Emily


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