Do you groom your Cavalier?

I found a great video on grooming your cavalier. Do you prefer keeping your cavalier with all of his or her natural grown hair, grooming him or her yourself, or bringing him or her to the groomer?

I grew up with a cocker spanial name Brittney.  My Dad always cut her himself.  She did not look like the other cocker spaniels, but she is a lot easier to keep clean.  Here is a picture of Charlie and Brittney together below:


  1. We haven't started grooming Marley and Jasper much yet. Although Daddy did get to Jasper with a pair of scissors recently...but I don't call THAT grooming...more like chopping!!! Anyway...he does need grooming soon and I think I will take him to a professional. I want to keep all the feathering but get rid of the bulk of his fluff. Marley has shorter hair so he only needs a good brush every now and then.

  2. I always brush Maizey myself. I don't want to have to cut any of her hair so I work hard at controlling mats. I love this product called Cowboy Magic. It really is Magic. I do trim her feat, Amie Soto Blossom calls long feet hair "fuzzy slippers". LOL I guess we will have to wait to see if Magnus gets a thick coat, I think it will be curly since he has little puppy curls now!

  3. OH NO!! EEK *Don't scissor the Cavalier*. My Mom would never trim off my feathers and slippers completely!! We get a little bit of neating up the feathers and slippers so they arent so messy. But usually scissors with teeth are used to give a natural look.


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