Garden Tour End of May 2017 // Lisa Rusczyk

The garden is staring to be very green.   I enjoy watching the garden grow.  I have bought many plants this year for $1 at Lowes.  A few flowers are from a garden in town.  Enjoy and I hope you get some ideas for your own garden.  This is not a paid post.

Lettuce for salads. 

This was a $1 plant I got yesterday.  Dahlias are coming! I can't wait to see what color and shape they turn out to be. 

Different types of lettuces to change it up.  

I got these for $.50 each at Lowes on sale.  I planted 36 of the.  I can't wait to see what this looks like next year.  Right now they are pretty stemmy.

I got this vinca from the woods near our house.  I did get poison ivy.  But after a couple years this really filled in.  I like it is trapped between the sidewalk and the latices.  This filled in really well. 

This was my mothers day flowers.  The only flowers I paid full price for.  They keep blooming and I love to see them when I come in the house. 

Side view.  That is a little blue spruce tree that I am sure one day will take out that entire garden.  But that should be years down the road.  Right now there is a lilac, some hibiscus coming up, and some pink flowers (forget the name).  Also you see one of the lace leaf maples. 

The vegetable garden.  I am trying again.  Every year the garden has been eaten by something.  So this year there is a net.  The potatoes and onions are doing great.  The tomatoes are starting to get bigger.  Also peas and cucumbers are starting to grow. 

Sunflowers and a few trees I found in the garden and replanted. I found 2 raspberry plants for a dollar each but I am not sure what to do with them.  They are coming back great.  

This lace leaf maple is doing well.  Hopefully it will provide more shade for that hydrangea so it grows bigger.  Right now it is getting too much sun.

Someone in town gave me some black eyed susans and some day lilies.  I planted them by the mail box.  

The apples on the apple tree are starting to form. 

I made this garden specifically so I can see is from the windows.  I can not see many of the other gardens from my window.  I made this garden very thin so I could pack it with plants.  There are many things in there.  I got the birdbath as a birthday present this year.  I made the garden from the bird bath to the tree.  

The new path I just started.  Each paver as $.88  from lowes. 

Another picture of the lace leaf maple tree.  I added some white flowers below that you can see through the tree.  

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