Backyard Garden Progress Pennsylvania Zone 5 // May 2017

The garden is planted with cucumbers, pea seeds, and tomatoes. I have a bird net around it to keep all things out :).

The railroad ties came with our house.

Soon to be strawberry patch. I need to buy the plants and something to protect them. So many ideas on pinterst but I am not a very little budget :).

The toys are there because my daughter was digging while I was. The dirt is from the new flower bed around the apple tree. 

 This is where I got the dirt. Not sure what plants I will plant here yet. Any suggestions? The grass sections went into the compost. 

 Lettuce is doing great.  I am eating it and loving it so I am going to get some more.

I keep this on the porch so I don't have to get a net over it. Also, it is easier to pick.

Potatoes in pots are starting to come up! I will keep hilling them up with dirt as they grow. 

The onion sets are sprouting. 

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