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The costs of owning a pet can soon mount up, and although most dog owners would say that the money is well spent, it’s still handy to find new ways to save. One way that more dog owners are trying is to make your own dog food, which may sound messy, but can actually save you a considerable amount of cash!
This graphic will show you how to make a batch of nutritious dog food in just two simple steps, and while you’ll save around £6 a week, you’ll soon find that there are more than just financial benefits to eschewing the shop-bought brands.
That’s because home-made dog food contains no nasty additives and preservatives, leading to fewer upset stomachs, improved skin and coat condition and healthier teeth and ears. In the long run, that means less expensive trips to the vet too, so what are you waiting for? Pamper your pooch with some home cooking today!

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