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When I was younger I would highlight my hair twice a year.  When I became a Mom I decided to just keep my hair one color.  I don't like getting my hair done.  

But since my daughter is getting older I have a little more time to spend on myself.  I tried Marc Anthony Easy Lites.  

I found the idea on You Tube and then found it at my local CVS for about $10.  While at CVS I got a $2 coupon in the red machine so I only paid $8.  

Please view the video to see the process.  I have to admit this is harsh stuff.  It ate away the skin on my hands.  I would recommend not wearing contacts because I think some of the spray got in my eyes.  Long sleeves may be nice too because I got some on my wrists.  Also I used deep conditioner afterword (did not come in the kit).  I had to wash my hair about 2 hours after applying because the smell  was giving me a headache.  

I say all these negatives but all these things happen when I usually have my Mom highlight my hair.  This was easier, I could do it myself, and had small differences.  I may had more next week if I had the time.  

Please let me know if you try and it and what you think!  

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